If You Even Mention Trump, You’re in Trouble

'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams saw his speaking career end as he publicly backed the GOP candidate

The intolerance of the Left has been on display for some time. Yet the vehemence with which the Left despises Donald Trump has put the hate machine into overdrive. If one supports Trump, it is tantamount to carpet-bombing every dog rescue kennel in America. If one speaks favorably of Trump, one is a racist-sexist-homophobic-transphobic-seal-clubbing hater.

And if one dares to praise Trump — it can damage a reputation irreparably.

Hollywood liberals have long blacklisted outspoken conservatives.

“Dilbert” cartoon creator Scott Adams is experiencing this firsthand. Adams made several blog posts in August and September of 2015, which were astonishingly prescient, including calling Trump as the nominee and that he’d win in a landslide. He listed specific reasons why Trump qualified as a “master persuader.” One such observation was the “linguistic kill shot” Trump used to wipe out Jeb Bush, saying, “You are watching a master wizard rewire the public in real time.”

Big mistake.

The Washington Post reported that Adams has seen all of his speaking engagements and much of his licensing revenue dry up, simply because he has publicly analyzed some of Trump’s brilliant communications strategies. One cannot even attempt to educate the public without being attacked.

(That’s not the only reason liberals are running away from him. He’s also attacked some leftist tropes in much the same way, albeit with less glamour, as Milo Yiannopolous.)

It is, sadly, part of a trend. Hollywood liberals have long blacklisted outspoken conservatives. Individuals from the highest ranks of writer-producers to on-set veteran production staff have learned to keep their mouths shut when it comes to opposing liberal political positions.

Ever since David Mamet came out as a conservative in 2008, Hollywood hasn’t given him another big-screen directing gig. Back in August, actor Antonio Sabato Jr. spoke publicly about his support for Donald Trump and claims he has since been blacklisted by Hollywood.

“When you’re in my business, you can’t talk about [conservative] politics. You just can’t. You’re attacked viciously in a way that I’ve never been attacked before,” he told Variety.com. “I’ve had fantastic directors who have said officially to my agents and managers they will never hire me again. They will never even see me for projects. That’s unfair.”

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Veteran actress Stacey Dash, who has appeared in more than two dozen films and on television since 1982, told CNSNews, “My acting opportunities have ceased because of my political beliefs. I’m being persecuted in Hollywood. I’ve been blacklisted. My agents have dropped me. I haven’t auditioned in over a year because of my beliefs and what I stand for.”

Dick Yuengling Jr. owns America’s oldest brewery, launched in 1829 in Pennsylvania. After pledging his support for Trump, Pennsylvania House of Representatives Democrat Brian Sims (who is openly gay) called for all gay bars to boycott the brewery’s products because it supports an “anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-racial minority and anti-equality” agenda.

Weight-loss empress Jenny Craig has been a major donor to the University of San Diego. But — uh oh — she dared to hold a fundraiser for Trump. A group called USD Alumni and Students Against Hate penned a letter demanding she withdraw her support — or that USD remove her name from a building dedicated in her name.

It doesn’t matter if you supported Barack Obama in 2008, either. Brian France, the CEO and chairman of NASCAR, supported Trump back in March. He was careful to distinguish that it was him, not NASCAR, that supported Trump, but it made no difference. Despite his support for Obama and a track record of promoting diversity, France got bludgeoned in the sports media.

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Jonathan Ingram of The Sports Xchange called the endorsement “a mistake.” George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel sarcastically wrote, “Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a crass, juvenile, egomaniacal class clown who has turned the 2016 presidential campaign into a frightening freak show?”

And finally, Bernard Marcus is the founder of The Home Depot. Not only did he say he never could have started his company under the economic policies of Obama, but he endorsed Trump. Even though the company distanced itself from Marcus’ words, the statement triggered an online call for a company boycott — which, thankfully, appears to have failed.