Sunday morning — two days before America votes for the next president of the United States — Donald Trump Jr. spoke at two Virginia churches, mentioning issues of faith and speaking of his family’s commitment to America.

He spoke at a Hispanic parish in Reston, Virginia, called Ekklesia USA, and then made his way over to Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge. Don Jr. did not shy away from taking on the media’s characterization of his father, arguing that Donald Trump is a loving and generous man. Don Jr. spoke of his and his siblings’ deep respect for their father, especially in terms of teaching them executive responsibility.

Donald Trump Jr. as he was prayed over at Ekklesia USA in Reston, Virginia, on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016.

Don Jr. didn’t hold back from talking about issues of faith in America: “What we hold most dear in our country is in jeopardy — our faith, our freedom, our dreams, our families. I am here to reiterate how important this moment in American history is — and both parties are responsible for the mess we’re in.”

He also mentioned his father’s commitment to the nation.

“My father stepped away from his rather comfortable life and into this arena for one reason — because he loves this country and he thinks you deserve a president who actually represent your interests,” he said.

Don Jr. continued to discuss with the congregation their shared Christian faith and his religious liberty.

“We as Christians shouldn’t be afraid to express our faith, or say ‘Merry Christmas,’ or stand for our right to free exercise of our religious rights,” Don Jr. said. “These sacred rights are in jeopardy now by politicians who defended the status quo of decline for decades.”

Mike Edwards, the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge, where Don Jr. spoke on Sunday, told LifeZette how impressed he was with the younger Donald Trump.

Don Jr. addresses a congregation two days before the election.

“I felt like seeing him in person lets you know just how genuine a young man he is and tells me that his father was just as genuine in the way that he raised him,” Edwards told LifeZette. “That kind of genuine character doesn’t come from just anywhere. It comes from both a mom and a dad who invest themselves in him. If [Donald Trump] is as real as his son is, then I think he could be well-trusted.”

Edwards also discussed Trump and whether or not Christians should support him.

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“What I can be sure of is that the principles that he is espousing for his administration are the principles consistent with what I believe our country needs. So if you’re not comfortable voting for a person — vote for principles,” said Edwards.