Stephen Colbert struggled Tuesday night during his much-touted late-night live election special on Showtime. It was hard for the CBS “Late Show” host to be funny with the presidential race coming down to the final minutes and Donald Trump closing in on victory.

“Are you on edge?” he asked the audience. When they said yes, he said it was like people at the edge of the country “waiting for Trump to win so they can walk into Canada.”

 “Can you believe it? What a year tonight has been.”

From the guests to Colbert’s wisecracks, nothing seemed to hit right as his attempts at jokes were mixed with live, serious, sober election results.

Much was made by Colbert about the show being on cable channel Showtime, where he could drop F-bombs and show nudity — and then he brought out a completely naked man named Daniel who was wearing only a card taped to his private parts. It said, “Marco Rubio has been re-elected in Florida.” Colbert spanked his bare bottom as he left the stage.

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Actor Jeff Goldblum came on and tried to be funny in explaining Trump’s success by comparing it to “Jurassic Park.”

“It’s chaos theory,” said Goldblum. “The GOP took a hardened chunk of amber with prehistoric ideas and created a monster. They thought they could keep him contained but didn’t account for the million different things that could go wrong … And now he’s destroying everything in his path — including the Republican Party.”

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The show started out with a cartoon of Donald Trump launching his mission to overcome being a “loser” and vowing to make America great again. It wasn’t funny.

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Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, co-hosts of Showtime’s political documentary series “The Circus,” were downers for Colbert as they told him Trump was winning. Colbert asked how it could be.

“The country is really divided,” said Halperin. “This has been the darkest campaign I’ve covered … Whoever wins, it’s going to be a really challenging time for America.” He added, “Great for a comedy show.”

“Not sure if it’s a comedy show anymore,” replied Colbert.

Said Halperin, “Outside of the Civil War, World War II, and 9/11, this might be the most cataclysmic event the country has ever seen.”

When the show returned after a break for a taped segment, Colbert said, “While we were gone, my producer took away my shoelaces and my belt.”

After an interview with a fake Melania Trump (played by Laura Benanti), there was more chitchat with Goldblum, who had done some campaigning for Hillary. He said, “I thought today was going to be wonderful. I’m very frightened, alarmed, and sobered. I can’t believe it. I’m in shock. I’m in shock.”

And in an even more gloomy segment, comedian Charlemagne Tha God said, “Well, congratulations America, you f***ed this one up.”

But then there was this — in really poor taste: Comedian Jena Friedman said, “I feel as if I’m about to give birth to a baby that’s already dead.” She added horribly, “Get your abortions now.”

In the end, Colbert delivered a somber monologue, in which he talked about politics being poisonous and finally asking the audience to stand. Colbert said no matter what our disagreements, we should all agree on one thing: “We should never, ever have another election like this.”