It’s a rare star who will dare to defend Donald Trump these days. Then again, comedian Dave Chappelle has never been one to kowtow to mainstream expectations.

While prepping for next week’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live,” he’s been testing out material around New York venues. On Friday, as The Observer reported, he shocked his audience at The Cutting Room by devoting a nearly one-hour set to slamming Hillary Clinton.

Chappelle noted he already voted early in rural Yellow Springs, Ohio, before heading to New York, saying he “didn’t feel good” about voting for Clinton. “She’s going to be on a coin someday. And her behavior has not been coin-worthy,” he said, adding, “She’s not right and we all know she’s not right.”

He was particularly upset about the leaked conversation between the Republican nominee and “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush, blaming Clinton for it ever seeing the light of day, according to the account in The Observer.

“What I heard on that tape was gross,” Chappelle said. “But the way I got to hear it was even more gross. You know that came directly from Hillary.”

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Chappelle also blasted the media for stating as fact that Trump had admitted committing sexual assault in the recorded conversation. “Sexual assault? It wasn’t. He said, ‘And when you’re a star, they let you do it.’ That phrase implies consent. I just don’t like the way the media twisted that whole thing. Nobody questioned [the media’s accounts].”

Chappelle went on to say he’s been impressed by Trump’s resilience in the face of the bus leak blow-up. Comparing Trump to The Terminator, Chappelle said, “That would have devastated anybody else.”

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Chappelle also took issue with the media’s treatment of Trump during the debate that happened immediately after the controversy.

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Referring to Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz’s hostile questioning, he said, “Something about this was backward. A gay white man and a white woman asking a multi-billionaire how he knows the system is rigged and insisting it’s not. Does that sound right to you? It didn’t seem right to me.”

He added, “And here’s how you know Trump is the most gangsta candidate ever. They asked him how he knows the system is rigged and he said, ‘Because I take advantage of it.’ He may as well have flashed his membership card for the Illuminati right then.”

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The comedian also voiced his feelings about women’s rights, gay rights, and transgender rights activists, saying the focus needs to be on racism. “They should not be having that conversation in front of black people. You go ahead and feel something about your rights. But if you’re putting sexism and homophobia and transphobia in front of racism — you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Interestingly, Chappelle slammed the North Carolina legislation that directs transgender people to use the public restroom that aligns with the sex stated on their respective birth certificates. “If you need to show your birth certificate to [use the restroom] at a Wal-Mart in North Carolina, that’s insane.”

Recording devices were not allowed at the show, and reports have since surfaced from Chappelle’s team saying the comedian disputes the pro-Trump characterization of his material.

“Dave is disgusted by the tone of the election and especially by the idea that his comedy would be misconstrued to defend Trump,” publicist Carla Sims told TheWrap. “In fact, he blasted both candidates.”