Axelrod to Pay Up on Trump Bet

Former Obama strategist pledges to settle election wager with Laura Ingraham with charitable donation

Democratic strategist David Axelrod said he would pay up on a $1,000 bet with LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham over which presidential candidate would win on Election Day during an exchange Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Ingraham and Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama and chief strategist for Obama’s presidential campaigns, took part in a bet predicting the outcome of the election between President-Elect Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Axelrod, like many in the professional punditry, predicted that Clinton would win handily against Trump.

“I am humbled and I will do it.”

But both the polls and Axelrod were way off, and Ingraham’s predictions for a populist revolt against the liberal elite and the political Establishment came to fruition.

“Before we do anything — let me say, I owe you. And I am going to pay my debt,” Axelrod told Ingraham on her show.

“And I heard your pitch for Food for the Poor, and I will match your donation, if that’s what you want me to do — that sounds like a great place to go,” Axelrod suggested.

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Just prior to her interview with Axelrod, Ingraham had made a plug for Food for the Poor — a nonprofit Christian organization that provides food, shelter, and medicine to the poor in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ingraham noted that she gave a $1,000 donation to the organization.

“They do great work. But, I think, wasn’t [our bet] more than a thousand bucks, David? I thought it was 25 hundred?” Ingraham chided.

“Oh, no, no, no — I think we did it in front of an audience. But, you know, I mean, if you up yours, I’ll up mine, I guess,” Axelrod said.

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“I’m happy to have you give to Food for the Poor,” Ingraham said, “OK, we settled it! Food for the Poor — David Axelrod is going to give his donation to Food for the Poor.”

But Ingraham had just one more condition for Axelrod:

“You gotta write in the notation on the check, though, David, you have to write ‘2016 Bet.’ OK? And you’ve got to take a photo of it and send it to me,” Ingraham insisted.

“I will. Absolutely,” Axelrod agreed. “I am humbled and I will do it.”

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