An email leaked by WikiLeaks Tuesday appears to suggest that Hillary Clinton wants the Affordable Care Act to fail — presumably as a pretext for implementing single-payer, government-controlled health care.

In a chain between Clinton and her senior policy adviser Ann O’Leary titled “Memo on Cadillac Tax for HRC,” Clinton said she’s open to changing her position on the Cadillac Tax — but that the Republican plan to repeal it must pass.

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“Given the politics now w bipartisan support including Schumer, I’ll support repeal w ‘sense of the Senate’ that revenues would have to be found,” Clinton wrote. “I’d be open to a range of options to do that. But we have to be careful that the R version passes which begins the unraveling of the ACA,” she continued.


It seems quite clear from this email that the “unraveling” of Obamacare is precisely what Clinton desires. Despite the dutiful lip service Clinton pays to Obamacare on the campaign trail, her professed desire of a completely socialized public option is likely unachievable without the opportunity to push an expansion that would be created by Obamacare’s collapse.

As Americans within the government exchanges and those who still rely on private insurers continue to face skyrocketing costs, Clinton may be just biding her time until the opportunity presents itself to push a single-payer system on the American people, when the stakes for the entire health care system are the highest.