WikiLeaks: Email Proves Democrats Manipulate Polls

Clinton allies plot to skew results, 'we are going to try to do an oversample of seniors on the poll'

An email published by WikiLeaks on Friday reveals the extent to which Democrats and their allies manipulate polls to serve their ends.

The 2008 email appears shows Democratic operatives plotting to intentionally oversample seniors in a poll in order to get their desired results.

“FYI: We are going to try to do an oversample of seniors on the poll. Sample too small otherwise.”

“FYI: We are going to try to do an oversample of seniors on the poll. Sample too small otherwise,” operative Tom Matzzie wrote to Clinton adviser Paul Begala, campaign Chairman John Podesta, Media Matters for America founder David Brock, and operative Susan McCue. “Good,” Begala responded.

Trump and his supporters have claimed often that many polls showing a significant Hillary lead over Trump have been manipulated through selective sampling. There is ample evidence that this occurs in Democrat-friendly newsrooms.


“Hillary Clinton has opened up a 7-point lead over Donald Trump in an online poll that seems to reflect a ‘bounce’ for the former secretary of state after she wrapped up the Democratic nomination last week,” the Daily Mail reported in June.

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“But the weekly tracking poll, from NBC News and the Surveymonkey company, included the opinions of 7 percent more self-identified Democrats than Republicans – the same margin as the poll’s topline result,” the article noted.

The email released by WikiLeaks Friday proves that Democratic operatives themselves engage eagerly in such tactics.

Polls are a powerful propaganda tool, and people exposed repeatedly to polls suggesting their candidate’s loss is a foregone conclusion will often be influenced to stay home on Election Day.

“I think sometimes polling is done to dampen election turnout,” Rand Paul said in an interview on Wednesday on “The Tom Roten Show” out of West Virginia. “When we say over and over someone can’t win that is a form of rigging in the sense that it is designed to suppress turnout,” he added.