WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Manager Calls NYC Mayor a ‘Terrorist’

In leaked email, Robby Mook aghast at de Blasio tweets praising Sanders

The contempt within the Clinton camp for left-wing progressives has been further exposed by WikiLeaks.

The group published emails Thursday morning in which Robby Mook calls progressive New York Mayor Bill de Blasio a “terrorist” for supporting Bernie Sanders and progressive policies.

In the chain, top Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri sent copies of de Blasio tweets to Mook, in which the mayor says “I’ve always liked what i [sic] heard from Bernie Sanders” and that he is “waiting to hear” Clinton’s “larger vision to addressing income inequality.”

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“Wow. What a terrorist,” Mook responds. “Told you!” Palmieri replies.

While the Clinton camp may make fun of de Blasio and his progressive politics behind closed doors, they are perfectly happy to use him to shore up Clinton’s progressive credentials.

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An earlier dump of emails from WikiLeaks released Wednesday revealed a number of messages showing a fawning, servile de Blasio willing to do anything he could to help Clinton’s efforts.

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In one email, de Blasio reaches out to Podesta to ask how exactly he should respond to questions from reporters about Joe Biden possibly running for the presidency. “I’m certain I’ll be asked about Biden as early as tmrw [sic]. What could I say that would be helpful?” de Blasio wrote.

Another email from Robby Mook to Podesta and other Clinton aides reveals that Clinton herself has mined de Blasio for policy positions that would fool progressives into thinking she is as far Left as he is.

“She had a follow-up convo w Deblasio [sic] and agreed some overall issues would be good … Just wants to show she’s passionate and clued into progressive issues,” he wrote.

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