Trump: WikiLeaks Revelations Disqualify Clinton for Catholics and Evangelicals

In revealing interview on EWTN's 'The World Over' with Raymond Arroyo, Republican nominee shares his deepest faith beliefs

If you’ve been waiting to hear about issues of faith this election cycle, this is your chance.

Donald Trump sat down with Raymond Arroyo, managing editor and lead anchor of EWTN News and host of “The World Over,” in a powerful interview that is airing Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. ET.

“He reveals the reason he switched his position on the life issue, talks about religious liberty, and speaks to women’s concerns about his candidacy. We also spoke about his prayer life and a lot more.”

“He reveals the reason he switched his position on the life issue, talks about religious liberty, and speaks to women’s concerns about his candidacy,” said Arroyo, who is also editor-at-large at LifeZette. “We also spoke about his prayer life, whether he had a favorite saint, and a lot more.”

“Honestly, this is the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him on camera. Viewers will be very interested in what he has to say,” he said.

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For Catholics and evangelicals, this interview is particularly poignant given recent revelations by WikiLeaks, which showed how Clinton’s staff undermined the tenants of faith for political gain.

Arroyo asked Trump about the emails from Clinton’s camp referring to the Catholic faith as “a backward, middle-aged dictatorship” — and Trump did not mince words.

He argued that these sentiments shared by the Hillary Clinton team are clearly a reflection of her own ideas on the matter.

“Frankly, if any Catholic votes for Hillary Clinton, you know, I would say if I were a Catholic, I wouldn’t be talking to them anymore. She’s been terrible in what she said and [in] her thoughts toward Catholics and to evangelicals,” Trump said.

“She was mocking evangelicals, also. So, you’d say, why would an evangelical or a Catholic and almost you could say, anybody of faith, but in particular, because they were mentioned — evangelicals and Catholics — why would they vote for Hillary Clinton? And, how could they vote for Hillary Clinton? But that’s her speaking. Believe me,” said Trump.

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The interview focuses on many of the issues religious voters have been wanting to hear discussed during this election cycle, including the abortion issue. When asked about his personal beliefs, Trump explained his change of heart on the issue.

“It is a personal change. And, you know, Ronald Reagan made that personal change, too. Many people have made the personal change. I mean, some make the personal change the other way, also,” Trump told Arroyo.

But for Trump, his change of heart came partly because a couple he knew was faced with the issue themselves.

“Well, there are a number of moments, but one was a couple that I know very, very well, and you had a strong pro-life and you had a strong pro-choice [view] … the mother was pregnant. They argued over the child. One, I won’t get into specifics. But one wanted to abort. And the other said, ‘We can’t do that. We’re not going to do that.’ They had the baby. It was a long time ago. And the baby is such a magnificent person, who I know — a magnificent person. And the person that was actually pro-choice is now pro-life because of it and it had a big effect on me,” Trump said.

The Arroyo interview is an inside look at Trump’s stance on issues deeply important to Christian voters — and will certainly resolve any final questions that religious Americans have.

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