Tim Tebow Rescues an Ailing Fan

The new baseball player prayed over a sick man in the stands

Tim Tebow had his first Scottsdale Scorpions baseball game in the Arizona Fall League this past Tuesday — and it’s not his athletic ability that has people talking.

Tebow was on the field after the game doing interviews and signing autographs when a fan collapsed. Brandon Berry suffered a seizure in the front row of the stands — and Tebow was quick to jump into action.

As local ABC affiliate KNXV reported, Tebow turned to what he so often does — prayer. He put his hands over the man and prayed for the seizing to stop.

The man stopped, sat up gasping and coughing — and was fine.

“It was a miracle moment that happened there,” a witness, Daniel Kelly, told the Associated Press.

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“You just remember what’s important,” Tebow told ABC News afterward. “Baseball’s awesome. It’s something I’m so excited I get a chance to pursue, but what’s important is lives matter. People matter. This young man — he mattered. So my first instinct was to just be with him, put my hands on him and pray for him.”

“We get caught up in so many different things, things that we’re pursuing, and we forget about what matters most is the people around us,” he added.

Tim Tebow’s work passions and his day-to-day living are both centered around his deep faith in God. It doesn’t matter if he’s doing service or playing baseball — whatever he does, he’s bringing glory to God.

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This athlete’s strong faith is a reminder, amid so much bad news, that there are good people in the world who aspire to be good role models for other people. Those themes are drowned out all too often in the mainstream media. Tim Tebow may make it in baseball or he might not — but his life remains centered around God. This latest incident of faith, thoughtfulness, and giving is ample proof of that.

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