Powerful Prayer at a Public High School

Tennessee students gather to lift hearts to God in a spiritual moment — that has now gone viral

It was a moment of prayer at a public high school in America — almost unheard of in our culture today.

At Germantown High School in Germantown, Tennessee, a large group of students gathered outside the building to raise their hearts and minds to God. Their agenda? Just to pray. That’s it — a simple, clean, pure goal of praying together, nothing more.

The powerful moment of last week was captured on video by Facebook user Kelvin Gee and posted there.

His caption aptly read: “Can young people praying at school go viral instead of violence?”

Indeed, the positive moment has gone viral.

“God, we love You, we honor You, we are here for You, God,” said the student leading the prayer in the video. “God, we are making a difference — one student at one time, God.”

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He also said during the prayer, “It doesn’t matter if we’re Baptist, it doesn’t matter if we’re Catholic … As long as we give Your name reverence, give Your name glory, God, we do it all for You.”

The video now has 28 million views on Facebook, but the student leading the prayer gives all the credit to God, saying in the video, “Look at what You’ve done, God.”

The beautiful moment will not be a mere anomaly at Germantown High School — the students have made an agreement to pray every Wednesday together.

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At a time of such political and social uncertainty in our nation — prayer is particularly important and the beautiful witness of these young people can be a light for so many.

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