Parents Find Reassurance, Calm, in GOP Ticket

VP debate night made many feel more comfortable in the Trump-Pence partnership

One question is important as Americans consider what they heard during the vice presidential debate — which candidate would better serve the interests of American families?

“I liked Mike Pence’s demeanor right out of the gate,” Columbia, Maryland, resident Carole Purcell, 52, said of Pence. “I think he balances out Trump very well, and brings a calm and measured tone to whatever discussion he is a part of. He and Trump together I believe can fix the economy, so our elders can stop working at a dignified age.”

Kaine is the most politically radical member of Congress, according to the American Conservative Union.

Pence is humble. In July during his speech at the Republican National Convention, he joked about how few people even knew who he was. He was an unknown on the national stage until he signed a religious freedom bill into law in 2015.

“Pence said [the bill] would extend legal protections to Indiana business owners who didn’t want to participate in same-sex weddings, citing their religious beliefs; opponents argued that he was sanctioning discrimination,” wrote The Washington Post back in July.

Pence eventually signed an amendment to the bill, saying it couldn’t be used to discriminate against gay people.

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“Which is how most good people would feel,” said one Boston-area dad of three. “Stand up for our faith values without putting down people who are different from us. I get his thinking. It makes me think he is rational, and cares about all people — not just the ones he understands.”

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Pence described himself as “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” at the convention, and expressed his faith again during the vice presidential debate. Pence has also signed one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation, making Indiana the second state in the nation to ban abortions when the fetus has a disability (North Dakota is the other state).

Kaine offers a mangled — and politically popular — trope about the intersection of faith and abortion.

“Can you trust someone who defends Hillary Clinton but dismisses the unborn?” said one dad.

“Living our lives of faith, our motivation, with enthusiasm and excitement, convincing each other, dialoguing with each other on important moral issues of the day — but on fundamental issues of morality, we should let women make their own choices,” he said Tuesday night.

Many Christians would say that “living our lives of faith” includes standing up for the unborn.

“Abortion is the issue I vote on,” said Rhode Island veteran Matthew Monahan. A disabled veteran in Boston, Massachusetts, agreed, noting, “If there is any issue that liberals are vile about, it’s abortion. Who can defend late-term abortion, yet still brag about being a Christian?”

Kaine attempted to do just that during the vice presidential debate, framing the issue as one of trust.

“Governor, why can’t you trust women to make this choice for themselves?” Kaine asked Pence directly during the debate.

“That was beyond frustrating when Kaine painted Pence as not trusting women, almost as if Pence questioned the base intellect of females,” said one New Mexico mother and grandmother. “My liberal friends often do this, as well — changing the issue of abortion from the death of a child to the rights and respect owed women.”

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In reality, Kaine — who comes off as folksy and friendly — is the most politically radical member of Congress, according to the American Conservative Union in Washington, D.C.

“Kaine is to the far left of even someone like a Nancy Pelosi or a Bernie Sanders,” ACU executive director Dan Schneider told LifeZette.

“Can you trust someone who defends Hillary Clinton but dismisses the unborn?” wondered the Boston-area father of three. “Americans are increasingly tired of being dismissed out-of-hand by the political elite.”

Pence understands what is important to average folks. “One of Pence’s former advisers told NBC that even before the 2010 summer of discontent between conservatives and the Establishment, Pence was tuned into the populist strain of the party,” wrote The Washington Post in July.

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A long-haul truck driver from Hampton, Iowa, likes this about Pence.

“He understands what’s on our minds,” he said. “Between Trump and Pence, they understand what we parents care about for the future — the Second Amendment, a national debt in the trillions, lax immigration laws, and getting our paychecks back in our pockets.”

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