Ingraham Angle: Ryan Runs Against Trump

Pro-globalization wing of the GOP relies on a fantasy constituency

A memo to the anti-Trump, pro-globalization wing of the GOP:

The day after a strong debate performance by your party’s nominee, you decided not to celebrate it, but to dismiss and distract from it. You called your friends in the press and told them about “the coming GOP stampede” away from Trump. If you succeed in helping Democrats elect Hillary Clinton, you — not he — will be held responsible for losing the Supreme Court and busting up the Republican Party.

Regarding your “constituency” within the party, you have an outsized imagination. Consider the facts:

There were 31,183,841 votes cast in the 2016 GOP nominating process.

Marco Rubio got 3,515,576 votes, or 11.3 percent.

John Kasich got 4,290,448 votes, or 13.8 percent.

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Jeb Bush got 286,694 votes, or 0.2 percent.

So Team Globalization garnered a whopping 26 percent of the vote.

Ted Cruz alone got 7,822,100 votes, or 25.1 percent.

Trump got 14,015,993 votes, or 44.9 percent.

So the GOP voters, when given a chance, overwhelmingly rejected Team Globalization and all its pundits. And those voters are going to remember that Team Globalization (and its pundits) did everything possible to throw this election to Hillary.

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