Hillary Threatens American Businesses

Clinton also bashes Wells Fargo, despite taking $258,000 from the bank's executives

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a rally in Toledo, Ohio, a city ranked as the fourth-most economically distressed metro area in the nation.

To make her case, Clinton let loose some angry rhetoric, heavy on class warfare. Clinton even went so far as to issue a blanket threat aimed at all businesses in America.

Clinton specifically targeted Wells Fargo … [she] did not mention she has taken $258,000 from Wells Fargo executives in the current cycle.

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Speaking to a crowd weary of Toledo’s poor economy, Clinton let the audience know she blamed U.S. companies who outsource and take advantage of the tax code. Unlike Republican Donald Trump — who has proposed plans to create the economic conditions to encourage companies to stay, entice them to return, and punish them for leaving — Clinton simply threatened the business community.

“So today, I want to send a clear message to every boardroom, every executive suite across America,” Clinton said. “If you scam your customers, exploit your employees, pollute our environment, or rip off taxpayers, we will find ways to hold you accountable.”

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Clinton has previously made similar threats, such as one made at the Sept. 26 debate, when she said she would appoint a “special prosecutor” to enforce trade deals.

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Clinton specifically targeted Wells Fargo, which she said bullied employees into opening new accounts for its existing customers to drive up revenue. Clinton did not mention she has taken $258,000 from Wells Fargo executives in the current cycle.

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“Then, in a category by himself, is Donald Trump,” said Clinton.

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Clinton proceeded to make Trump the focus of her anger at the business sector. Clinton mentioned a Sunday report in the New York Times that suggested — but could not confirm — that Trump paid no income taxes in the past 20 years.

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Somehow, Clinton managed to come back to corporate America — in a positive light.

“Not a single CEO of a Fortune 100 company supports Trump’s campaign,” Clinton said.

It seems some businesses are not as bad as others in Clinton’s world. Reacting to the speech, the Trump campaign reminded reporters of the UBS issue. In 2009, the Switzerland-based UBS was asked by the United States to disclose names of U.S. tax evaders. Clinton, in an unusual move as secretary of state, helped UBS convince the government to drop the request.

Hillary and Bill Clinton then took at least $1.9 million in speaking fees from UBS.

Yet on Monday, Clinton vowed to “rewrite the rules” and to “empower companies” that meet her agenda goals.

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