In a Hillary Presidency, Radical Islam Could Flourish

Clinton's Benghazi actions, and those since, could come back to haunt her — and the U.S.

Nov. 8, 2016, is a day that may very well go down in history as the day Americans signed our nation’s death certificate.

We, the people, need to understand what is at stake in the most important election in U.S. history. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the death of our Constitution and against all those who sacrificed their lives to uphold it. A Clinton vote will mean the death of free speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to life for the unborn. And most significantly, a vote for Hillary Clinton will allow radical Islam’s ideology to thrive in America.

The Arab Spring set in motion a series of events in which one secular government after another was toppled in favor of — not freedom or democracy, as the Western media wrongly theorized — but rather more repressive Islamist regimes.

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Wednesday night’s debate may be Donald Trump’s last significant opportunity to expose Hillary Clinton as the candidate whose subversive policies will bring this great nation to its knees. It’s time for Trump to get specific and go for her Achilles heel: Benghazi.

Trump must take the opportunity on a prime-time stage to expose Hillary Clinton as the single largest threat to the safety, sanctity, and security of our nation. Benghazi, Libya, and the events that transpired there in a continued escalation of the Arab Spring may well have been the match that will ignite World War III.

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Russia has successfully exposed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as complicit in the turmoil in the Middle East with their foreign policy dirty dealings; now they are working feverishly to quiet those revelations by claiming Russia is hijacking the election. Trump must use his platform to further expose the ugly truth about Clinton and her dangerous agenda. If he doesn’t, we have everything to lose.

The average American, whose only understanding of Benghazi comes from the skewed presentation in Michael Bay’s “13 Hours,” may very well ask, just as Clinton herself did under questioning: “At this point, what does it matter?” Benghazi matters because Sec. Clinton and President Obama created the Benghazi conflict and unleashed a monster that can’t be contained.

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Clinton, as an Obama surrogate, understands that Benghazi is a representation of what happens when world leaders play with fire — and that fire is radical Islam. The attack on our embassy and CIA compound in Libya was not an isolated Muslim attack on Americans because of an inflammatory video against Islam. Rather, it was a demonstration of what happens when two sects of Islam are represented by powerful nations, each side seeking to defeat the other. Though the attack on Sept. 11, 2012, and the deaths of four men seem to be a mere bump in the road for Clinton — the precipitating event and the aftermath reverberate today.

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The Arab Spring set in motion a series of events in which one secular government after another was toppled in favor of — not freedom or democracy, as the Western media wrongly theorized — but rather more repressive Islamist regimes. While inconceivable to freedom-loving Americans, the advancement of Islam is not surprising to me, a former Muslim, who understands implicitly that countries in the Middle East and northern Africa believe governments get legitimacy from one source: their god.

Not from the will of the people. Not from a movement for freedom — but from the god of Islam. And Islam is on the move, sweeping the globe in search of nations ripe for a transition from secular rule to the theocratic rule of Islam. Make no mistake: America is in its crosshairs.

Hillary Clinton, who has been an active participant since 1996 in this Islamic agenda to establish a worldwide caliphate, was President Obama’s ideal choice to head up his pro-Islamic Department of State and advance that agenda. As a proponent of Islam, Clinton should be disqualified in her White House bid for one crucial reason: Theocratic Islam and the United States Constitution cannot coexist.

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If the American public understood what really happened at Benghazi and the role played by Clinton, voters would turn away en masse. I urge Trump to expose her guilt on the national stage Wednesday evening.

What happened that September night four years ago can be summarized as a clash between two opponents who have been battling one another for hundreds of years — the Sunnis and the Shiites. And the U.S. is most certainly picking sides in favor of the larger, more militant form of Islam.

In the Sunni corner are Obama/Clinton, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt. On the Shiite side are Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia. Starting to see any parallels with current foreign policy initiatives that have led to increased saber-rattling between the U.S. and Russia with regard to Syria here?

Benghazi is nothing more than a cover-up for clandestine operations carried out by the United States in support of a Sunni Islamist agenda, in my opinion. U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered because he, at the behest of Clinton and the Obama administration, was stockpiling weapons and sourcing the expert fighters who could use them to topple Bashir al-Assad’s secular rule in Syria in favor of an Islamic theocratic government.

Those “rebel” fighters, who are affiliated with al-Qaida and ISIS, are still at work today in their quest to destroy and replace Assad. Obama and Hillary know very well that Assad, along with Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah are fully responsible for the Benghazi raid. Their narrative that the attack was the work of a small band of militants was debunked long ago.

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If the voting public understood Benghazi and our role in propelling the Arab Spring uprisings in favor of Islamic governments, Obama would not have won a second term as president. He would have been prosecuted. And if it became public that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ignored the deaths of four Americans while the embassy was under siege and rather focused on ordering that all of Stevens’ classified files about the covert operation be destroyed, she would no longer be a viable candidate for president.

Because, you see, it does matter if you are doing the right thing. Protecting the lives and interests of Americans should be top priority to the president of this nation. Clinton, however, protected herself, the administration, and the Islamist agenda.

Clinton’s commitment to Islam has continued unabated with her successful push to make Islamic doctrine mainstream in the United States. She and Obama have wanted to import thousands of Muslims in the name of humanitarianism and compassion, with Clinton vowing to increase that number if elected. Any pushback is quickly relegated to the sidelines as “Islamophobic” rhetoric.

Trump knows the truth of Benghazi. Hillary is a liar. Benghazi was her foreign policy debacle that blew up in her face when Assad fought back against the United States for covertly outfitting the rebels seeking to replace his government with Islamic rule. A world, as envisioned by Clinton, does not jibe with American ideals. If we, the electorate, do not stop her at the ballot box, we will have only ourselves to blame for what follows.

For the sake of our faith, freedom, and America, let us pray and also do our best to stop Hillary from being our president.

Mark Christian, M.D., is the founder and executive director of the Global Faith Institute ( and is an Egyptian émigré to the United States and a convert to Christianity. His father and uncle remain high-ranking leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in his former home of Cairo.

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