What do a Christian music album, a children’s book, and a worship night in America all have in common? Chris Tomlin.

The Grammy Award winner has a lot going on these days — including his new album, “Never Lose Sight,” which dropped on Oct. 21. The album’s single “Good Good Father” reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Christian Digital Songs Chart, Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs Chart, Billboard’s Christian Airplay, and the MediaBase Christian Audience Charts.

“Prayer is greater than politics. Prayer outweighs politics every time.”

“Never Lose Sight” is Tomlin’s 11th album — but for him, “It’s always been the same for me to write songs to help people worship God — this is no different,” Tomlin told LifeZette.

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Tomlin is a father of two young girls. And along with his new album, he’s written a children’s book entitled “Good Good Father.” Its message to children is that God loves them as a father does.

“It’s a beautiful little picture — to me — [of] helping kids to understand God as a father and what that means,” Tomlin explained.

He said the book even makes him consider his own role as a father. “It’s an amazing check as a dad, honestly, because when you are reading this, you [think], ‘Gosh, am I these things to my kids? Am I really a provider, a protector? Do I bring healing to my family? Do I bring music, laughter to my family?'”

Tomlin is also taking part in “Worship Night in America: An Evening of Unity and Prayer for Our Country,” which is being broadcast across the country to 450 theaters and churches tonight, Oct. 25.

“It’s a vision I had a couple years ago of bringing these nights to key cities across the nation,” said Tomlin.

“It will be in theaters and churches linked across the nation. The response has been overwhelming,” Tomlin noted. “I think we really hit onto something that is … in everybody’s heart. I think most people feel a lot of unrest, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of like, ‘What in the world is going on with our nation?’ — and the government is just getting worse, not better.”

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So many Christians have been concerned about the moral character of our nation in recent days — but Tomlin suggests looking to a higher power.

“Where is our place? This is just a reminder that our place has not changed from what it’s always been, and that’s to be a people of prayer. Prayer is greater than politics. Prayer outweighs politics every time,” he said.

“We’re so divided — Lord have mercy on us. Bring unity. That was Jesus’ prayer that we would be one. His final prayer on this earth was that we would be one people, and we feel very far from it,” Tomlin said. “Only prayer will do that. Government’s not going to fix anything. Government is not the savior. We already have a savior, and that’s who we are calling out to.”

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“Our hope is not in government,” Tomlin explained. “It’s not, ‘Stick your head in the sand and don’t be involved.’ The way things are going to change is through the mercy of God.”

“Put your hope in something eternal — election cycles come and go,” said Tomlin. “But there’s one thing that’s eternal and that’s the Kingdom of God. Put your hope there.”