Soon, the globalists tell themselves, everything will be back to normal.

No more Trump. No more populists. No more questions about why the jobs have gone away, or why don’t they ever do anything about China, or what’s really in all those trade deals anyway. Everything will be nice and quiet. Just the way they like it. The closed-door negotiations will continue. The borders will remain open. Companies will be free to move jobs overseas whenever they want. And the money will keep rolling in – at least for those people who benefit from this particular regime.

Never have free American citizens been so vilified by the leadership of this country.

At least that’s what they expect.

The trouble for them is that Trump isn’t their real problem. Their real problem is that the primary threat to globalization doesn’t come from Trump, or his army of angry Americans, or even from European populists. The primary threat to globalization is that the United States is in decline, and the United States is in decline due to policies that the globalists themselves implemented, and that they are desperately fighting to preserve.

Consider how we got here. By the late 1980s, the United States stood on a pinnacle of success and prosperity unmatched by any country in history. The Reagan voters, thinking that their political problems had been solved, quit paying so much attention to life in D.C. – so the American political system was left to the Bushes, the Clintons and their donors. And what they decided to do with all of the power and money bequeathed to them by Reagan was to create a New World Order.

Their plans, of course, depended on an all-powerful United States, which would solve everyone’s problems. When there was a lack of jobs in Latin America, people from Latin America could simply move here and find work. When Asian companies built too much capacity for steel, automobiles – or anything, really – the United States would run massive trade deficits to buy up the surplus and keep Asian factories humming.

When Europeans wanted to take longer vacations, or spend more money on welfare programs, the United States would find the money and troops needed to protect Europe from its enemies. After all, we could afford it. Oh, and if the countries of the Middle East were stuck with flawed political systems, we would spend trillions of dollars – and thousands of lives – to give them better ones.

It’s not surprising that a set of policies that put Americans at a disadvantage has undermined America’s position in the world. Since the late 1990s, our share of global GDP has fallen, our real median household income has fallen, and our national debt has soared.

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These trends have continued for almost two decades, under the leadership of both parties. As a result, the United States no longer has the money or the resources to do all of the tasks that the Clintons and the Bushes assigned to it. And so the New World Order is falling apart. China is throwing its weight around in Asia, while Russia does the same in Syria, because we are not strong enough to push back. The European Union is going to lose one of its richest members, and faces more instability within its ranks, because the Americans are no longer driving a strong world economy.

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Meanwhile, here in America, the globalists face political opposition in both parties that forces them to rely more and more on non-democratic means – such as Court orders, multinational treaties, and Lame Duck votes in Congress – to get their way. Fewer and fewer elected officials are willing – or able – to defend the disastrous policies that got us into this mess.

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Under these circumstances, it was obvious that the globalists needed to take their foot off the pedal and back down on some of their demands. Instead, they poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the campaigns of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton – the two most committed globalists in each party – and defied the voters to do anything about it. The voters have certainly tried. They took down Jeb, and they may yet take down Hillary. For these efforts, they have been met with a rage of fury from their “leaders” unmatched by anything in American history.

Never have free American citizens been so vilified by the leadership of this country. The enormous sums being spent to attack Trump – plus the efforts of a desperate media that is effectively an arm of Hillary’s campaign – may yet succeed. But even if Hillary wins, her victory can’t save globalization – because her victory would mean that the decline of the United States will continue and the decline of the United States inevitably means the end of globalization as we have known it.

So while the Trump voters may yet be out-numbered in this election, the facts are on their side. The current model of globalization is a bubble that depends upon assumptions about U.S. power and Americans’ willingness to sacrifice that are no longer true – thanks to the very policies of the globalists themselves. They can rail against Trump and his supporters all they want – but they created the current crisis, and it won’t go away until the globalists change their minds or are replaced.