Former U.S. Attorney: James Comey Is ‘A Dirty Cop’

DiGenova slams FBI director after new report found rank and file wanted to prosecute Clinton

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova blasted FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton in light of a new report indicating the rank and file at the nation’s top law enforcement agency wanted to pursue prosecution.

“Comey’s a dirty cop,” diGenova said Thursday on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” “And If there’s one thing a prosecutor hates worse than a criminal, it’s a dirty cop … He threw this case. He did it for political reasons. He lied publicly about the quality of the case. He lied publicly about the law. He lied publicly about the ability to get documents when he could have used the grand jury and he didn’t.”

“[Comey] has destroyed his credibility. He has done horrific damage to the FBI as an institution.”

Comey held an infamous news conference on July 5 at which he announced numerous wrongdoings by Clinton. But at the end of his remarks, Comey said the FBI would not recommend charges against the Democratic presidential candidate.

DiGenova said the GOP-led Congress should pass a resolution that it has no confidence in Comey when it reconvenes during a likely lame-duck session after the Nov. 8 election.

DiGenova compared Comey to L. Patrick Gray, the FBI acting director who threw evidence into the Potomac River during the Watergate investigation.

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DiGenova said Comey comes across as arrogant and indignant when questioned.

“Comey, like everything else, is all about Comey,” said diGenova. “Comey wants something from Hillary Clinton … He’s never going to get it, whatever it is. He has destroyed his credibility. He has done horrific damage to the FBI as an institution.”

LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham and diGenova both wondered why Comey authorized the destruction of Clinton’s computers after the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server ended.

“If this were a Republican, the press would be going crazy about obstruction of injustice,” said diGenova.

DiGenova’s comments come after Fox News reported that no Justice Department trial-level attorney and no FBI agent working on the Clinton email case agreed with Comey’s decision not to ask for federal charges.

The FBI didn’t even ask for Clinton’s security clearance to be pulled.

“What started yesterday with the Fox News story is only the beginning,” said diGenova.

DiGenova said his law firm will represent any FBI agent who comes forward and wants to testify before Congress about Comey’s investigation.

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On the presidential race, diGenova said the “Never Trump” faction should realize there are only two choices in the election: Trump or Clinton. He bashed the Bush family for failing to honor Jeb Bush’s pledge to support the nominee.

“This is a binary choice,” said diGenova. “It’s her and the ruination of the Supreme Court and the federal prosecutorial function, or Donald Trump and the hope we can do better than him.”

DiGenova said Trump may be an “imperfect vessel, but he’s the vessel.”

Under President Obama, the IRS and the Justice Department were weaponized by the government against the people, he said. “[Clinton] will preside over the most corrupt administration since the Teapot Dome scandal,” said diGenova. “This is about the future of the country.”

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