Feminists Are Now Carding ‘Offensive’ Males

Thin-skinned students on campus perceive harassment everywhere they turn

The Feminist Action Club at Sierra College in Rocklin, California, has started handing out “harassment cards” to men who cross their imaginary line of decorum and — horror of horrors — “offend” them.

“We are proud that our Harassment Cards have brought national awareness to our organization,” the group posted to its Facebook page on Oct. 14.

Feminists cheer the artistic freedom of comedians like Amy Schumer who spew X-rated sexual commentary.

“This resource was designed to be a non-confrontational method of addressing verbal harassment and was modeled after a similar card that we received from the Collective Action for Safe Spaces in Washington, D.C., during the National Conference for College Women Leaders [AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (Nccwsl)], [which] some of our members attended in 2015.”

The Collective Action for Safe Spaces website offers the tagline, “If It’s Unwanted, It’s Harassment.” So if a college male asks a woman on a date and it is unwanted — is he harassing her, then? If a man offers his class notes to a woman and she doesn’t need them — is that harassment? It’s hard to tell anymore what constitutes appropriate or inappropriate behavior, since imaginary offenses seems to be lurking around every corner.

Feminists cheer the artistic freedom of comedians like Amy Schumer, who spew X-rated sexual commentary so raw it makes grown men blush. On the other hand, a whistle or a compliment gets you “carded.” The message is clear: Only feminist-approved, feminist-directed language is tolerable in this aggressively PC culture.

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The text of the feminist trump card reads:

You have received this card because you did something that made me feel uncomfortable and/or threatened —

• Whistling, kissing noises, ‘Psst’ noises
• Making comments like ‘Hey baby!’ or ‘Smile!’
• Honking or shouting for my attention
• Making unsolicited comments about my body
• Fascist, homophobic, or transphobic comments

This is HARASSMENT! Stop harassing!

“As a mother of sons, I find these so-called ‘cards’ and what’s behind them offensive, petty, and very concerning,” said one New York mother of two. “I’d never condone sexist insults by anyone, but this feels very reactionary and one-sided to me. People need to toughen up and get used to talking to people with whom they don’t agree 100 percent.”

College students need to stop being offended by everyone and everything — by “microaggressions,” by unwanted male attention, and so much more — and start getting to class and learning something. These students are going to need all the book smarts they can get. Life after college is going to be very challenging for those who choose to spend time locating and stamping out imaginary discrimination.

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