DiGenova: Loretta Lynch is ‘Politically Corrupt’

Former U.S. attorney hammers AG for making DOJ 'into something akin to a local DA’s office where cases are for sale'

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova said Monday during an interview on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and the Department of Justice as a whole have compromised and sullied the “integrity of the federal investigative process.”

DiGenova hammered Lynch for engaging in blatant political corruption to protect Clinton.

“Nobody does what she did and can explain it with the way she did. And yet, with a smile and a ‘schoolmarm’ attitude, she gives the sophomoric explanations about what happened.”

“Mrs. Lynch is absolutely incompetent and she — there’s just no question that she’s politically corrupt,” diGenova told LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham. “Nobody does what she did and can explain it with the way she did. And yet, with a smile and a ‘schoolmarm’ attitude, she gives the sophomoric explanations about what happened.”

Expressing his anger and frustration with how the Justice Department handled the Clinton investigation, diGenova said that he is concerned about the “integrity of the federal investigative process” and the “integrity of the FBI.”

“Everybody in that building — from the assistant AG for criminals, the assistant AG for national security, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs — every single one of them should be ashamed of the roles that they have played in making the Department of Justice into something akin to a local [district attorney’s] office where cases are for sale,” diGenova said.

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Ingraham agreed, adding, “I think if there’s going to be any integrity left at the FBI — if there’s going to credibility — that the law applies evenly, no matter who you are, across the board.”

Saying that the FBI’s initial investigation “was not thorough, it was not competent, and it was not professional,” diGenova mourned the levels to which the country has stooped.

“If it had been a thorough, competent, professional investigation with grand juries and search warrants and subpoenas, they would have discovered this new computer. But they did not,” diGenova said.

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Both Ingraham and diGenova pointed out how the standards applied to Clinton during the investigation are far from the same standards that have been applied to others facing crimes against the United States. Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian Saucier, for example, was sentenced to prison in August for taking photos inside classified sections of a submarine.

“How about a poor sailor who is going to prison for a year for taking photographs inside a sub which he never sent to anybody. You know what, if Barack Obama is half the man he says he is and isn’t some pajama boy — why doesn’t he pardon that sailor?” diGenova said. “He has no problem commuting the sentences for drug dealers, murderers, thieves, and he won’t pardon this poor sailor? What kind of a president is he?”

Noting that Obama will have his “whole legacy carried on by this woman under criminal investigation” if Clinton wins the presidency, Ingraham added, “It serves the Democrats right. They’ve hitched their wagons to the Clintons.”

DiGenova agreed, lamenting, “The Democrats don’t care because they have no moral standards whatsoever.”

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