Voters Deserve Answers to Hillary Health Questions

Despite the cover-ups, available information paints a troubling picture of Clinton's capacity to serve

After leaving a 9/11 memorial event feeling overheated, according to her campaign, and nearly fainting as she entered her transport van, we’ve learned Hillary Clinton’s latest health issue is pneumonia. She was diagnosed Friday, but until the video surfaced showing her fainting, the campaign did not report that she was sick.

It seems it’s nearly every week that Hillary Clinton has a substantial coughing attack or other health event. I’m frequently accused of being a conspiracy theorist for daring to ask the question, “Is Hillary fit to be president?” We already know she’s not ethically fit, but the real question is: “Can she survive her first term?” This is a very stressful job.

When you combine Hillary’s string of health problems, her multiple falls, frequent coughing, pneumonia, and her age, it is surprising her fitness has been legitimized until now.

In just the last few years, Hillary has had a number of health concerns. The latest bout of health issues involve this weekend’s pneumonia and more than a dozen coughing fits in 2016.

In 2009, she suffered a fracture during a fall. In late 2012 she fainted and the impact caused a concussion. She had a blood clot near her brain in December 2012. She had to take a month-long absence at that time from her role as secretary of state. We learned in August 2015 that Hillary is on Coumadin, a blood thinner used to prevent blood clots. Along with Coumadin, she also takes Armour Thyroid for a thyroid problem.

What’s not clear is if her bout of health issues are related to the fall. Or, was the fall simply a symptom of larger issues her campaign refuses to disclose?

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I’m not trying to diagnose Hillary Clinton or play doctor here. I’m simply pointing out that before we seriously consider this individual for president, we might want to consider the gravity of her health problems and her ability to complete her term. If you or I had such serious ongoing symptoms, we’d expose ourselves to a series of tests until we obtained a diagnosis.

Many in the liberal media downplay the gravity of her 2012 episode by calling it “a blood clot.” Hillary Clinton’s actual diagnosis was cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT). This is much more serious.

The American Stroke Association reports that “a second CVT or another thrombotic episode occurred in 20 percent of patients, stressing the need — in some cases — for long-term anticoagulation.” Further, mortality from a CVT can range from 13 to 48 percent depending on its stage at the time of diagnosis. There is research that suggests coughing can result as one of those complications or symptoms.

I’m not insinuating her coughing is related. I’m suggesting it is a valid question that Hillary Clinton and her doctors should answer before we vote.

As to Hillary’s coughing, there is one theory that lessens the concern: Her erratic, stressful, and strained upward inflection certainly could be the cause. Some might call it yelling.

Regarding Hillary Clinton’s CVT, medical experts predicted in 2013 that she would have a full recovery. That is certainly the narrative we’ve been led to believe in 2016. Cough by cough, I’m becoming suspicious as to what is being hidden. With summer pneumonia and her most recent episode of fainting in New York, I’m even more suspicious.

Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodham, died of a stroke in 1993. Clinton’s medicine is used to treat an underlying condition for patients at high risk of stroke. The Alliance for National Health reported that Coumadin is “one of the leading causes of emergency room fatalities. In 2011, it was the subject of 1,106 serious adverse event reports, including seventy-two deaths — and that is just in hospitals!”

In addition, one of the major side effects of Coumadin is confusion. Could this explain her frequent short-circuits?

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When you combine Hillary’s string of health problems, her multiple falls, frequent coughing, pneumonia, and her age, it is surprising her fitness has been legitimized until now.

The candidates’ “actual age” is less of a factor than their “biological age.” If elected, Clinton will be 69 on inauguration day. Donald Trump would be 70.

By comparing Clinton and Trump, you see a clear distinction between actual age (which is nearly identical) and biological age.

You don’t need a medical degree to see that Clinton functions more like an 80-year-old, and Trump appears to be 60.

Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday; she was rushed from a 9/11 memorial event Sunday and we were told “she was overheated.” It was only after the video showed she fainted that we were told the truth. Doesn’t that sound like there is something to hide?

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