A Vote for Values is a Vote for Trump

This 'election matters' — and the choice is very clear, say conservative politicians

In a message aimed squarely at Republicans against Donald Trump or who are hesitant about voting for Donald Trump, congressional Republicans speaking at the 2016 Values Voter Summit described the stark choice facing the nation.

While many conservatives opposed to Trump question the candidate’s belief in conservative values, Republicans at the VVS made clear that if Trump should lose, the values that conservatives cherish could themselves be lost forever.

“This year our election matters,” said Sen. Tim Scott. “It’s a binary choice for me.” The South Carolina senator made clear that “either you’re voting for the policies to continue what has been in place in the last eight years,” or “you can vote for hope,” Scott said.

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Scott recited a litany of the damage done by the Obama administration, noting the country has seen “12 million Americans in poverty” and a “40 percent increase in those eligible for food stamps.” A vote for Clinton would be a vote for “more division, disaster, and challenges,” he said.

This is the choice facing Americans, said Scott. They can vote for more of the same and worse — or they “can vote for [an] alternative. You can vote … to make America great again.”

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Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said that not only Christian but fundamental American political values are at risk in this election. He said those who cherish “freedom of worship, freedom of speech [and] freedom to assemble in a church … better make sure the Republican gets elected.”

“If Hillary Clinton replaces my friend Justice Antonin Scalia, those rights I just mentioned are gone,” said Gohmert, after reading through the Bill of Rights.

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Gohmert had a clear message for the likes of Ben Sasse and the #NeverTrumpers at the National Review editorial board. “If you look for a third candidate, you’re making it easier for Hillary Clinton to win,” he said.

The Texas representative, however, made clear he understands that some Christians were hesitant in endorsing Trump, and even admitted he doesn’t presume he will always agree with or support the actions of a Trump administration.

“If we have President Trump we’ll be bumping heads — but if as a Christian you want to continue what makes America great, you need to make sure the Republican nominee gets elected,” Gohmert said.

“We have got to be united and we have got to win in November — that’s it. No other choice.”

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin had a similarly strong message for those still sitting on the fence as Election Day draws closer. “Falling on one’s sword in principle and dying in a remote corner of the battlefield as the war rages on serves no purpose whatsoever,” he told LifeZette in an exclusive interview.

“Someone might feel good about themselves that they fell on their principled sword, but there are battles and there is the war,” he continued. “There has never been in the history of warfare, spiritual, physical or otherwise — any war that has ever been won by every single battle being engaged in and won along the way,” Bevin added.

“What are we proving to ourselves if, on principle, we allow the war to go in a trajectory the likes of which we can’t recover from?” he asked.

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