Trump’s Records Show He’s in Great Health

'He's taking less medication than I am for my cholesterol,' said one heart specialist who reviewed the data

He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he needs to lose some weight (by his own admission), he takes a cholesterol-lowering drug, and his parents lived into their late 80s and 90s — Donald Trump is in great health.

That is the assessment released Thursday by Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, a New York City internist. Trump has been a patient of Bornstein’s at Lenox Hill Hospital for the past 36 years — since Nov.6, 1980.

“I reviewed the records provided, and candidly, he’s taking less medication than I am for my cholesterol,” said one heart specialist.

The statement officially comes just hours before the airing of “The Dr. Oz Show.” In the pre-taped segment on his health, Trump sat down with Mehmet Oz and allowed the TV doc to review Bornstein’s letter and other test results.

“I reviewed the records provided, and candidly, he’s taking less medication than I am for my cholesterol,” Dr. Ramin Oskoui, a Washington, D.C.-based cardiologist, told LifeZette Thursday morning. Oskoui said that from his vantage point as a cardiologist, “he seems to be very proactively and appropriately treated. It looks well-managed.”

The Trump medical letter reads:

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“Cholesterol 169, HDL cholesterol 63, LDL cholesterol 94, triglycerides 61, PSA 0.15, blood pressure 116/70, blood sugar 99, and C Reactive Protein UQ 0.7. His liver function and thyroid are all within normal range. His last colonoscopy was performed on July 10, 2013 which was normal and revealed no polyps. His calcium score in 2013 was 98. His EKG and chest X-ray on April 14, 2016 were normal. His cardiac evaluation included a transthoracic echocardiogram on December 16, 2014. The study was reported within the range of normal. There is no family history of premature cardiac or neoplastic disease. He takes a lipid lowering agent, rosuvastatin, and a low dose aspirin.”

Trump says that when he looks in the mirror, he still sees someone half his age, he told Dr. Oz. (Don’t we all.)

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Concerned about the fact he’s taking a statin? Tens of millions of Americans take statins as well. They’ve been shown in patients with coronary disease to reduce cardiac event rates. The spectrum of benefit, said Oskoui, is wide — statins help those who suffer from high blood pressure to people who have had bypass surgery.

“They’re widely used because they’re highly effective in reducing future cardiac event rates and they’re safe. The [Food and Drug Administration] has approved them — they’ve been around for 25 years. As a cardiologist, 25 years ago when I went into practice, I saw vastly more cardiovascular disease that required surgical intervention. Now I see much less, and I attribute that to statins primarily, and to people simply not smoking as much as they used to,” Oskoui said. “And I actually like the statin Trump is on. It’s notoriously well-tolerated.”

“A calcium score of 98 — 98 isn’t a very high number, so it’s sort of like admitting to a minor flaw, which I think is very prudent.”

Bornstein’s letter, Oskoui added, appears far more elaborate in detail and professional than the letter Dr. Lisa Bardack, Hillary Clinton’s personal physician, released late Wednesday. That seemed an obvious effort to stop rampant speculation that Hillary is fighting anything more than pneumonia and seasonal allergies. “There are more hard facts,” Oskoui said. “Trump’s letter just looks solid.”

“Bornstein laid out that Trump has some plaque in his coronary arteries. A calcium score of 98 — 98 isn’t a very high number, so it’s sort of like admitting to a minor flaw, which I think is very prudent. But Bornstein then is very aggressive and clear about how he’s treating the guy. He’s putting him on lipids — great choice; looks like it’s working.”

While the letter is reassuring, Oskoui added, and Trump has not had any of the neurological issues that Hillary Clinton has in recent years, “I think that both presidential and both vice presidential candidates should release their full, unredacted medical records and let everyone pore through them. Their right to privacy evaporated when they decided to run for the highest office in the land. They’re not running for dog catcher.”

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