Trump Champions ‘Hopes and Dreams of Everyday Citizens’

Riding high in Ohio, GOP nominee says voters 'ready to discard a failed political Establishment'

Donald Trump lambasted the “arrogant ruling class in Washington, D.C.” for only looking out for its own interests as he presented an impassioned appeal to Rust Belt voters during a rally in Canton, Ohio, Wednesday evening.

Bouncing off of a new Bloomberg Politics poll that showed him leading Hillary Clinton by 5 points in the key battleground state, Trump praised Ohio voters for their hardworking attitudes and desire to see change sweep the nation.

“The people of the United States are ready for change. They’re ready to discard a failed political Establishment that disdains, disrespects and looks down on hardworking people.”

Recognizing their disillusionment with the political Establishment, the Republican presidential nominee promised to fight for each American citizen and reverse failed policies.

“The people of the United States are ready for change. They’re ready to discard a failed political Establishment that disdains, disrespects, and looks down on hardworking people,” Trump said. “This election is about a choice between the control of an arrogant ruling class in Washington D.C. versus the hopes and dreams of everyday citizens.”

Hearkening back to his visit in the embattled city of Flint, Michigan, earlier that same day, Trump blamed the Democratic policies implemented in the city for its water crisis, declaring that it demonstrated “failure at every single level of government.”

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“It’s tragic and it’s heartbreaking, and it should never happen in the United States of America,” Trump said, adding that this sort of catastrophe could only occur when “we build up other countries instead of our own.”

“It used to be cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint,” Trump said. “We are going to turn this around. We are going to bring our jobs back and protect our people.”

Trump compared his populist message marked with respect for the individual voter with the Democratic nominee’s disdain for the average American citizen. Referring back to Clinton’s now-infamous “basket of deplorables” comment uttered on Friday that dismissed “half” of Trump’s voters as racist, sexist, and more, Trump affirmed his love for the people.

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“Hillary Clinton calls people who aren’t supporting her deplorable and irredeemable,” Trump said. “I call people who aren’t supporting me American citizens who are entitled to the same respect as anyone else — and I will not stop campaigning for every last American vote, in every last American community, right up until Nov. 8.”

Trump promised to fight for these votes even by visiting states and cities that were hostile to him and to his message of hope and change. Stating that new states were now in play that “no Republican has ever come close to winning,” Trump vowed to reject the “flyover state” mindset, saying, “we’re going to land here and have fun.”

Above all, Trump emphasized the absolute necessity of making good trade deals that put American interests first, enforcing immigration laws and national security policies that would protect American citizens’ well-being and unifying the 50 states under one set of shared values and interests.

“Hillary Clinton believes in globalism — taking jobs from Flint and moving them to other countries. I am not running to be president of the world — I am running to be president of the United States,” Trump said. “I am running to bring hope to Flint, to Canton, and to every party of this country. If we don’t break free from our partisan boxes, then nothing will ever change — it’s time to vote for America and America First.”

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