Pure Flix: More Than Just Entertainment

Company's faith-filled mission taps into a huge consumer base

Almost every parent out there has experienced that moment of scrambling for the remote and trying to change the channel when something unsavory comes on the screen.

The battle between parents and children over movies and television is a struggle that’s been going on for years — ever since Hollywood started pushing sex, language, and violence across the board. (Some would say it’s always done that.)

“As Hollywood moved down the line of violence, language, and sex, it left this gap — consumers wanted more than that. They wanted a positive message coming out of their entertainment.”

But there’s an alternative — Pure Flix, a family-friendly entertainment service that you can trust to bring into your home. LifeZette sat down with Greg Gudorf, the CEO of Pure Flix Digital, to discuss its faith-filled mission.

“It wasn’t all that long ago that any time a movie came out of Hollywood — it didn’t matter whether you were five years old or 95 years old — that movie was a safe movie to go to,” said Gudorf. “You could go to that, enjoy it, and take something away from it regardless of your age.”

“As Hollywood moved down the line of violence, language, and sex, it left this gap — consumers wanted more than that. They wanted a positive message coming out of their entertainment,” explained Gudorf. “They didn’t have to fast-forward through it when their kids were sitting with them. They wanted something different, an alternative.”

This base of consumers is exactly the audience Pure Flix sought to serve.

“People wanted to bring something they could trust into their home in the form of a video service, and that’s what we started paying attention to,” he explained.

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That Christian base is much larger than people think, Gudorf pointed out.

“I always kind of chuckle when people tell me, ‘Oh, you are serving that Christian niche,’ and I chuckle because it is such a big niche. Of the 118 million households in the U.S., 90 million of them roughly self-report as Christian. I mean, it’s big — it’s 250 million people who are in that Christian space,” he said.

But unlike many other entertainment services, Pure Flix is not just television shows and movies — and it responds to the needs of their consumers.

“Our challenge, I think, is to recognize that the need goes beyond just, ‘Entertain me.’ Yes, consumers are saying, ‘Entertain me without all the sex, language, and violence that Hollywood gives me, just entertain me with good content,’ but then it moves beyond that,” said Gudorf. “We found a whole area of resonance with consumers who home-school, and in that space the content they want is content that supplements their home-school curriculums.”

Pure Flix has just announced a new initiative to respond to the needs of home-schooling families.

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“As the school year kicks into gear,, a leader in the faith and family streaming video space, is starting an initiative designed to complement the efforts of families who are homeschooling their children,” said the company in its release Tuesday.

Responding to the needs of consumers is just one of the things that is putting Pure Flix ahead of the curve. Another aspect propelling the company forward is that Pure Flix uses its technology to go beyond just promoting TV and movies.

“The content that we can offer to people goes way beyond just the entertainment, the traditional entertainment, of Hollywood. We have to have that. We have to be good at it, but we can find a lot more content that people want us to bring to them as we continue to grow,” said Gudorf.

And for him, the work at Pure Flix is much more than business — it’s a positive mission.

“Consumers [send] us notes that say, ‘I’m so thankful you’re here. I’m so glad there’s an alternative. I’ve been waiting for this — I’ve loved your movies, now I can watch them at home. This makes all the difference for my family, this works for my kids.’ Those kinds of comments — they just hit the heart. They pull on the heartstrings.”

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