People of Faith Are ‘Deplorable’ to the Left

Hillary and liberals have a problem with our belief in God

“Burn in hell, maggot.”

That vicious comment was directed at me by a listener after I was recently interviewed on a liberal Washington, D.C., talk show. During my interview, I tried to defend the fact that this nation was based on the Ten Commandments and godly principles, citing facts that are part of our nation’s rich history.

I have debated hundreds of leading leftists, and frankly, pleaded with them for their very souls.

The liberal host, an atheist, responded with sarcasm and contempt at every mention I made about God or morality. When I said the Supreme Court was wrong to redefine marriage (which goes against 2,000 years of Western civilization, not to mention our own national moral foundation), the host accused me of calling for lynchings and the killing of gay people.

I have learned in hundreds of media interviews with leftist journalists, as well as interactions with the academic elites of the left, that they — like presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — truly believe people of faith are “deplorable.” Deep down, they find the idea of God and morality deplorable.

The notion that we are accountable to a moral law and the reality that we will — all of us — one day give account for our actions and face a holy God is met with scorn and derision.

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Hillary Clinton believes Christians and moral people are deplorable, because we are reminding the Left of something they really don’t want to think about — God,  the ultimate Moral One.

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I’ve spent more than 20 years on college campuses and in the media interview circuit. I have been a part of countless debates over the years that question God’s existence. When the cameras stop rolling, many people look me in the eye, searching, and ask, “Is God real?”

But in front of the camera — and in the classroom and courtroom — the fight against God is on.

Pastors, religious leaders, and churches help restore the moral and Christian fabric of our nation. The Left is trying to abolish that which they find deplorable — God. But when America has been sanitized of speech and people deemed “unfit” and “deplorable,” who, along with God and morality, will be “dealt with”?

You and me. People of faith. I have talked with and debated hundreds of leading leftists, and frankly, pleaded with them for their own souls. Some are honest enough to admit their desire for God and to talk with me about their spiritual questions.

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But most, in their desire to legitimize things that deep down they know are wrong, dig in their heels for the fight against God. And the target they are firing at most are people of faith — people of values, churches, pastors in their pulpits, religious schools, soup kitchens, and ministries led by Protestants and Catholics.

You know — all of us “deplorable” people.

And we are viewed as such, because of the One they find most odious of all — the Lord Jesus.

We must save our country.

Dr. Alex McFarland is a national radio talk show host, speaker and author of 17 books, including the newest release, “Stand Strong America.” He serves as director for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at the Christian Worldview Center of North Greenville University in Greenville, S.C.

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