Mary, Closest to Jesus, is a Guide for Life

New book explains why she inspires and teaches

Dr. Brian Kiczek is a chiropractic physician, a social media expert, and the founder of The Power of the Rosary website.

This Catholic is also passionately pro-life — and co-owns Dolls from Heaven, a new company that makes dolls based on the lives of the saints.

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Now he’s written a new book, “Help for Suffering Humanity: Mary, Help of Christians,” which explains Mary’s enduring relevance in today’s modern world. LifeZette talked with Kiczek about the book and what many of us can learn from it.

Question: Why did you write a book about Mary?
Answer: Our Blessed Mother Mary has been amazing in my life. She has prayed and interceded on my behalf before Jesus, and she was able to obtain for me the grace of my conversion from atheism.

The day I got married, Aug. 15, 1998 — the Feast of Mary’s Assumption into Heaven — I argued with the priest about Jesus and the whole irrationality of faith. He patiently replied. A few months later, he took the matter up with me again in a phone call. He must have known my life was falling apart — I was ready then to turn to the Lord.

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He talked with me, and he gave me a few articles and books that explained the faith. But even more than that, he gave me a rosary. He told me to start praying it.

Mary didn’t save herself — she needed a savior. We all do.

I have never looked back. The rosary has obtained for me almost every favor since then. So this book is about the power of the rosary — Mary always helps us through the rosary.

Q: Why is the mother of Jesus as important today as she was during her life?
A: If we live in Christ during our life and make His will our own, when we die we live with Him forever. We will be more important than we’ve ever been before. With Mary, it is even more so, since no human being before or after is as close to Christ as his own mother is. That closeness translates into intercessory power. We naturally ask “holy” people to pray for us — people who are closer to God in our eyes. Mary is as close to God as it gets. Now more than ever, we need Mary’s help.

Q: Many people who aren’t Catholic — and some who are — take issue with the veneration of Mary. What are they misunderstanding about her place in the Catholic faith?
A: They are afraid we are downplaying Jesus by giving Mary any honor or veneration at all. This can never be the case. Mary, and all the good she did in her life, came through the graces she received from God. She didn’t save herself — she needed a savior. We all do. God saved her, and through her correspondence with grace she became the greatest saint of them all.

Mary spent 33 years in the most personal relationship with Jesus ever known. After He Ascended into heaven, she spent the next 15 years of her life praying and sacrificing, so that His church would be spread throughout the world.

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God the Father made the commandment, “Honor thy Father and Mother.” Jesus honors His mother Mary and we, his brothers and sisters, should honor her as well. Without her, we would not have Jesus in the flesh. Jesus gave her to us all on the cross when He said, “Behold your Mother.” (John 19:27)
As Catholics, we honor her as our spiritual mother — not as God. We ask her to pray for us the same way I am now asking all the readers to pray for me and my family. We need your prayers. Some people say Mary is dead and cannot hear our asking her to pray for us. Well, I will let Jesus reply for me to that thought: “He is not God of the dead but of the living. You are greatly misled.” (Mark 12:27).

Q: Can all women of all backgrounds and all personalities relate to Mary?
A: Jesus referred to Mary as “woman” in the Bible. She is the woman, the perfect embodiment of what it means to be a woman. Women of all backgrounds and personalities are called to learn from her, to imitate her. The more they do, the more they will become their true selves — and the happier they will be both in this world and in the next.

Women who reject this model reject their very selves, and their true calling.

Q: What do you hope readers gain from your book?
A: The thought for the book came to me while visiting a shrine dedicated to Mary, Help of Christians. In the shrine’s bookstore they had many books on Mary and other books on other saints as well, but there was none on Mary, Help of Christians. I thought perhaps I would write one someday.

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Well, the someday came. I sensed the time was right. I had never written a book before so I was a little scared — but Mary helped me. The book almost wrote itself over several months.

Through this book I hope readers will build their confidence in Mary. Also, I want them to learn about the power of the rosary, as almost all of Mary’s help comes through this powerful prayer and meditation.

Finally, this book is for all those who needs help of any kind. Help in their relationships, help with their health, help with their finances, help with persecution, help with addictions, help with their family — or help with finding their purpose in life.

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