Was Hillary Wearing an Earpiece at Vets Forum?

Mysterious pearl could be a hearing aid, could be for campaign staff to feed her lines, could be nothing

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head Wednesday night in the first ever Commander-in-Chief Presidential Forum hosted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and NBC. Clinton, who by most accounts appeared defensive and combative, also left some viewers with a question — what was she wearing in her ear?

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Speculation started when Hollywood actor and producer James Woods tweeted a photo that appears to show a device in Clinton’s ear. The tweet, which received more than 1,600 retweets and nearly 2,000 likes in just a few hours, had Twitter users up in arms over the idea that Clinton may have once again “cheated” and “lied” to the American people.

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If the device was an earpiece, campaign staff could have fed her lines and tips to help her cheat through the forum. One Twitter user suggested Clinton used an ear bud to wire in her longtime aide and crutch Huma Abedin.

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Woods added more fuel to the speculation fire by posting a WikiLeaks report that showed Abedin asking Clinton: “Did you take your earpiece or should I get it?”

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Alex Jones-run website TruePundit claimed proof the Democratic presidential nominee “was sporting a mini-ear bud wired to receive stealth communications from her campaign handlers.”

“NYPD sources confirm Clinton was wearing an ‘inductive earpiece,’ the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off-stage cues from directors. The flesh-colored ear bud is easily concealed. There are no wires running directly to the ear like you see with the units employed by Secret Service protection detail personnel,” TruePundit reported.

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