Hillary Late-Night: I’m a Woman, Trump’s a Bigot

Clinton uses 'Tonight Show' appearance to make light of her health, push myths about Trump

Hillary Clinton appeared on “The Tonight Show” Monday — in what was basically a 13-minute campaign spot.

Host Jimmy Fallon began the segment, which came across as painfully rehearsed, by making light of Clinton’s health scare and wearing a surgical mask as he welcomed the candidate.

Clinton said the race was a choice between being a country that “celebrates our diversity” and a country of “bigotry and bullying.”

Clinton said her time spent recuperating gave her “a chance to reflect on the crazy campaign we’re involved in,” and that she would “try to stay away from a lot of the negative insult stuff that goes back and forth.” The two then immediately began making fun of her opponent.

Fallon produced a paper bag of items Trump supposedly left behind while at the show last week, which included a heart-shape-framed photograph of Vladimir Putin (“the most famous bromance going,” Clinton said) and a copy of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” (“that’s as close as he’s going to get to the wall,” she quipped).

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Clinton then reminded the audience that they should vote for her because she’s a woman. Being president “wasn’t even in the realm of the possible for little girls back then,” Clinton said, referring to her childhood. “We have slowly, steadily been knocking down the barriers,” she said — apparently under the impression it’s 1974.

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Clinton proceeded to rehash tired lies about and mischaracterizations of Trump’s positions and words, in attempt to paint him as a bigot — even claiming he continues to refuse to “admit our president’s an American.”

Trump “went after a distinguished federal judge because he was born … of Mexican heritage,” said Clinton. He “went after a gold star family whose son died in Iraq because they’re Muslim,” she added.

Clinton said the race was a choice between being a country that “celebrates our diversity” and a country of “bigotry and bullying.”

Without the slightest hint of self-awareness, Clinton proceeded to insist that the country “work with people whose values we share.” Given the many Islamic countries with human rights problems that have donated to the Clinton Foundation, this statement doesn’t bode well for the country should Clinton get elected.

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