Hillary Clinton heaped loving praise upon one of her chief apologists, Andrea Mitchell, during an awkward press conference Thursday morning.

“I love you, Andrea, you’re indefatigable. You’re my kind of woman.” Indeed, the NBC reporter has been untiring in her support of — and making excuses for — Clinton.

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On Tuesday, Mitchell gushed over “Hillary 2.0,” lauding her “new habit of talking to reporters.” The previous day, Mitchell was able to squeeze in one of her hard-hitting questions to this new and improved Hillary.

On Labor Day Monday, following further damaging revelations about Clinton’s private email scandal, Mitchell fielded a positively Pulitzer-worthy query. “How was your Labor Day weekend?” she asked. The question bypassed the unsettling news that Clinton had lost a host of electronic devices connected to her server — including 13 phones and five iPads, some that were destroyed with hammers.

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On Wednesday, moments before the Commander-in-Chief Forum, Mitchell asserted that questions about Clinton’s capacity to fulfill the required duties of commander-in-chief were “no longer on the table,” as she has allegedly “proved her commander-i-chief bona fides” over her career.

It’s no wonder Mitchell is Clinton’s kind of woman. The cozy relationship between Clinton and Mitchell is emblematic of the extent to which the mainstream media acts as a sort of collective Pravda for the Democratic Party.