Desperate Hillary Claims ISIS for Trump

Clinton opts for terrorist tack two weeks after failed effort to tie KKK, racists to GOP nominee

In her first press conference in 278 days, Hillary Clinton charged that ISIS supports Donald Trump.

After taking a question from NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, Clinton said she would not tolerate the Republicans putting out false information about her.

“These are the desperate attacks of a flailing campaign sinking in the polls, and characteristics of someone woefully unfit for the presidency of the United States.”

But in a twist at the very end of her answer, she then referred to a Sept. 7 article in Time by Matt Olsen, a Democrat counterterrorism expert appointed by Obama, who posited that Trump is supported by ISIS.

“Now, some of [ISIS] are using those channels to advocate for Trump. In August, one ISIS spokesman wrote: ‘I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump,'” Olsen wrote. “ISIS is working to drum up support for the candidate it has called ‘the perfect enemy.'”

Clinton used the article to further her claim that Trump’s foreign policy would boost ISIS, and that ISIS is rooting for Trump.

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“[ISIS] has said that they hope [Trump] is the president because it would give even more motivation to every jihadi. Someone who has insulted Muslims,” Clinton said. “That is a gift for ISIS.”

The Trump campaign swiftly hit back at Clinton, calling her assertion “desperate.”

“It’s no surprise she’s resorting to unhinged and dishonest attacks, including claiming on Israeli TV that terrorists are praying for Mr. Trump to win,” Trump communications director Jason Miller said in a statement, “These are the desperate attacks of a flailing campaign sinking in the polls, and characteristics of someone woefully unfit for the presidency of the United States.”

The attacks are reminiscent of Clinton’s full-out offensive two weeks ago asserting that Trump and his supporters were racist. Clinton’s campaign launched a TV ad stocked with white-hooded KKK members lauding Trump and she gave a speech asserting Trump has rallied racists to his side.

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Since then, Trump has steadily gained ground on Clinton in the polls. Trump’s campaign said Clinton was desperate to get the spotlight off herself after a lackluster performance in the Commander-In-Chief Forum hosted by NBC Wednesday.

“Last night, Hillary Clinton again failed the commander-in-chief test, where she was unable to answer for her terrible foreign policy judgment, mishandling of classified information, and claims that the VA wait time scandal was overblown,” said Miller. “Her claim that no lives were lost in Libya was an insult to the memory of the four brave Americans who died in Benghazi.”

Clinton’s ISIS claim wasn’t even her only charge that Trump played favorites with America’s rivals and enemies. She blasted Trump for remarks on Wednesday night praising Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strength and for suggesting he prefers Putin over Obama as a leader.

Trump’s campaign mocked her performance from the previous night’s forum and noted Thursday morning’s tarmac conference in White Plains, New York, was her first press conference in 278 days.

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