CNN Mocked Beauty Queen

Media goes full hypocrite over Machado fat-shaming

The cable news network that loves to bash Donald Trump mocked former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for her weight gain in the late 1990s.

After Hillary Clinton alleged the GOP nominee had fat-shamed the former beauty pageant in the late 1990s, CNN went on a self-righteous quest to hang Trump with the nearly 20 year-old incident.

“Since winning the crown, the former Miss Venezuela went from 118 pounds to — well — a number that kept growing like the size of the fish that got away”

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After a full day of Trump-bashing from pundits, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper prodded the former Miss Universe to hit Trump in a Tuesday evening interview.

“He had you work out in front of a room full of reporters,” Cooper said, “What was going through your mind that day, when you’re in that room in front of him and all these reporters?”

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Of course Machado took the bait.

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The self-righteous interview and full day of discussing the incident with pundits was particularly hypocritical — coming from CNN.

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“When Alicia Machado of Venezuela was named Miss Universe nine months ago, no one could accuse her of being the size of the universe. But as her universe expanded, so did she, putting on nearly 60 pounds,” read a Jan. 29, 1997 report by CNN’s Jeanne Moos. “Indeed, the reigning Miss Universe learned the hard way that an extra 15 or 20 pounds can gain you a ton of publicity. But now she’s determined to shed at least 15 pounds, though the loss of her Miss Universe crown is no longer an issue.”

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CNN didn’t hold back.

“Since winning the crown, the former Miss Venezuela went from 118 pounds to — well — a number that kept growing like the size of the fish that got away,” the report continued.

The report, artlessly titled “Expanding Miss Universe works to shed pounds,” goes on to document how Donald Trump, then-executive producer of the Miss Universe Pageant, even mocked the media for their hype over Machado’s weight gain: “‘A lot of you folks have weight problems, I hate to tell you,’ Trump told the rowdy pool of reporters.”

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