Bloomberg Suggests Trump has ‘Homoerotic’ Affection for Putin

Watchdog slams bizarre assertion, says 'the fact that no one in the media made it a big deal is even worse'

In an interview with Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait implied that Donald Trump has a crush on the Russian president.

Putin, being a serious world leader who, unlike Hillary Clinton, actually understands the principle of diplomacy, refused to say which of the two he would prefer to see as president of the United States.

“This is a perfect example of the bizarre lengths the media will go to push their far-left agenda”

“We never interfered, don’t intervene and try not to intervene in domestic political processes,” Putin said.

Micklethwait was not happy. “[Y]ou are really telling me that if you have a choice between a woman, who you think may have been trying to get rid of you, and a man, who seems to have this great sort of affection for you, almost sort of bordering on the homoerotic, you are really going to go for, you are not going to make a decision between those two?” he asked.

One can only imagine the deafening uproar that would inevitably occur were a conservative journalist to insinuate that an ostensibly heterosexual Democratic politician was a closet homosexual whose crush on a foreign leader influenced his policy platform.

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“This is a perfect example of the bizarre lengths the media will go to push their far-left agenda,” Dan Gainor, Media Research Center vice president, told LifeZette. “Not only was Micklethwait out of line to an extent that’s he’s off the deep end, but the fact that no one in the media made it a big deal is even worse,” said Gainor.

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The lack of response from the mainstream media to Micklethwait’s indefensibly unprofessional comment stands in stark contrast to the treatment conservatives receive from so-called honest journalists.

“Conservatives can’t get away with drinking from a bottle of water without it becoming a national controversy,” Gainor noted, but “journalists can slam someone as having gay sexual desires for a foreign leader and the American media treat it like that’s legitimate election coverage.”

Micklethwait’s comment is shining example of media bias at its absolute worse, Gainor noted. “Bear in mind that this wasn’t just a reporter, this was the editor-in-chief,” he said. “And more, he works for a media outlet run by former Mayor Bloomberg, who has come out openly in support of Clinton.”

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