The Balkanization of College Student Housing

'Black living spaces' at Cal State reverse civil rights gains

Kowtowing to demands made nine months ago by its Black Student Union, taxpayer-funded California State Los Angeles is now offering segregated housing to students who “identify as Black/African-American.”

The demand, one of a list of 14, read, “WE DEMAND the creation and financial support of a CSLA housing space delegated for Black students and a full time Resident Director who can cater to the needs of Black students.” That’s according to

Why is education being balkanized at Cal State, segregating students by race?

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And bingo, the demand was met —with The Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community.

“Imagine the reaction if white students, via white student unions, decided to pursue ‘white only’ living-learning arrangements in an attempt to foster ‘safe spaces’ for whites,” Derryck Green, a political commentator and writer, told LifeZette. “Colleges and universities pursue the treatment of non-white minorities, particularly blacks, that makes them perpetual children.”

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The original list of demands from the black union proselytized, “Many Black CSLA students cannot afford to live in Alhambra or the surrounding area with the high prices of rent … This space would also serve as a safe space for Black CSLA students to congregate, connect, and learn from each other.”

Now the demand has been met. A description of the living spaces on Cal State’s website explains that The Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community is “designed to enhance the residential experience by offering students the opportunity to connect with faculty and peers, and engage in programs that focus on academic success, cultural awareness, and civic engagement. This community of students is interested in Pan-African history, culture and current affairs.”

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Why is education being balkanized at Cal State — with the segregation of students by race? Segregation is what black leaders during the true civil rights movement fought and died for. This about-face on a public college campus is as non-sensical as it is stunning.

“We now have people wanting to reinstitute segregation, arguing it’s beneficial for ‘people of color,’” noted Green. “If it’s beneficial, why not take that idea to its logical conclusion and bring back segregation wholesale?”

GNIH (Gender-Neutral Inclusive Housing) at Cal State Los Angeles is also available for the LGBTQ community. The website notes that this is a “voluntary environment where students can live in the same room with any other student regardless of sex, biological gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”

“College isn’t supposed to be a safe space. It’s supposed to be a place where thoughts, ideas and opinions are challenged openly to broaden and deepen education,” said one expert.

Apparently, time has been wasted on “microaggression” protests on college campuses — if students are going to end up choosing to spend the bulk of their college experience with others who are just like them, in clear self-imposed segregation.

“The decision to offer black-only housing also doubles as a ‘safe space’ living-learning community,” said Green. “College isn’t supposed to be a safe space. It’s supposed to be a place where thoughts, ideas and opinions are challenged openly to broaden and deepen education.”

He added, “Safe spaces, which might as well include the entire college campus, are simply areas where these students can continue the process of indoctrination without being challenged with information that contradicts their narrative-building.”

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Is this backwards move also about money? The San Gabriel Valley Tribune noted Thursday that the Halisi Community is just one of a host of efforts by Cal State Loss Angeles to recruit more African-American students.

Robert Lopez, executive director for communications and public affairs for the university, told the Tribune that last year the student body was just 4.4 percent black — but that the number of black freshmen this year is up 31 percent.

One thing is clear in this non-sensical campus housing hullaballoo: In the counter-productive circular logical of the progressive agenda, “inclusive” now means “separate.”

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