People are still gathering at water coolers, bus stops, playgrounds, and bars to re-hash and reflect on the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

LifeZette talked with several Americans to hear what they’re looking for — or not — in our next president.

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“Hillary is out of touch with reality. She really thinks this country is better because of her service,” Brian Tobin, a Boston-area father, youth lacrosse coach, and mortgage professional said.

“Going in, the crowd and Lester Holt were clearly on Hillary’s side, which is wrong in any debate,” said one dad.

“We are essentially bankrupt because of the last eight years. We created jobs by printing money and mortgaging our future,” he continued. “It scares me to think what it will cost us to create the 10 million jobs she is proposing. ‘You were the secretary of the state,’ I was saying to the television. ‘You could have made this country better. Instead, you are one of the people still driving this country off the cliff.'”

Father of three and Boston sales professional Tom Griffin (not his real name) yearned for Trump to re-set the conversation if taxes or the “birther” issue comes up again during the next debate.

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“I was wanting Trump to say that the so-called birther issue is not a racial issue, but instead a constitutional issue,” he told LifeZette. “The Constitution demands that any president be born in the U.S. I learned from watching post-debate coverage that this issue has been raised with past presidents — I was wanting Trump to brush that right off, or fight back a little more.”

He added, “As for taxes, the man is a millionaire and he should say, ‘I am advised by lawyers on this issue, and I’m looking forward to releasing them soon.’ Boom. End of conversation.”

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A mother in New York, who has two sons and whose husband is a veteran, was offended that Hillary Clinton never had to answer for all her email problems and issues — “it was as if she got a free pass there.” Also, “no one brought up Hillary’s treatment of women — all those women that Bill Clinton cheated with over the years and who Hillary tried to get rid of. And what about Hillary’s frail health? Her collapse in Manhattan? Her coughing problems? What about Benghazi? None of that came up. Everything should be fair game. She stood there as if she were invincible and perfect, with a lecturing, look-down-her-nose tone the whole night. That offends me.”

She added, “She’s a highly flawed candidate in so many ways. She’s been in Washington for so long and has no record of success to speak for.”

Tobin wants someone with a business background to assume the Oval Office. “This country needs to be run like a business. Let’s get it back to a sound financial place,” he stressed. “We need to force people to be more productive in their daily lives, educate them, and stop giving it all away.”

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He also said, “We have enabled the poor for generations by allowing them to stop working for the American dream. This will take some very hard cuts in spending. This country will get a lot worse before it gets better.”

Said Griffin, “Trump is in the position to bring about real and lasting change. He needs to focus on that in the next debate — that’s what we Americans really want. Not change for change’s sake, but a whole new direction and a return to strength, both in word and deed. Hillary has been fooling Americans for so long, I think she really believes we are fools,” he added. “You get away with something long enough — you have to construct your own reality to suit your lies.”

Tobin felt the moderator, NBC’s Lester Holt, was biased. “I thought going in, the crowd and Holt were clearly on Hillary’s side, which is wrong in any debate. I don’t want to hear the crowd cheering — it’s not a campaign speech. Lester Holt was clearly on the attack against Trump and was soft on Hillary. His questioning at the end turned it for Hillary,” he added.

“You get away with something long enough, you have to construct your own reality to suit your lies.”

Finally, a Catholic priest weighed in on what we should keep in mind as Nov. 8. nears — and with the vice-presidential debate up next and two more presidential debates to follow.

“Although it is difficult not to focus on the intriguing personalities of two major presidential candidates, an effort has to be made to go beyond the bombastic comments and the body language, and instead look deeper at the issues and values that each candidate represents,” said New York chaplain Fr. Michael Sliney.

“Look at the party platforms: Which party best aligns with your values as a Christian?” he continued. “Who will best stand behind and defend the culture of life both in their nominations to the Supreme Court and in their personal political agenda?”

He asked a final question of his fellow Americans. “Are you taking this to prayer?”

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