At the Next Debate — Go for It, Mr. Trump

This American mom wants the GOP candidate to hold Hillary's feet to the fire

You took the debate stage Monday night, Mr. Trump, while we — all of America — waited. We gathered in our houses, apartments, and mobile homes, waiting to hear you speak to us — and for us.

We knew Hillary Clinton would be a shadow-boxer Monday night, weaving away from her lies, jabbing at you wherever she could. That’s her only option, with her background of scandal and lies — dodging and weaving, obfuscation and wily re-direction.

Pro-equality? The Clinton Foundation has taken money from countries like Algeria that have harsh anti-LGBT policies.

Meanwhile, back here in reality, we average Americans need jobs, good health insurance, a future filled with college and employment opportunities for our kids. I hope for a retirement with dignity, and a future for my three children that isn’t filled with terror and nuclear warfare.

Many pundits urged restraint on the debate stage. You showed both character and restraint during the debate, sparing Chelsea Clinton in particular from coming face-to-face with what she has to live with anyway — her father’s many, multiple, and on at least one occasion allegedly criminal sexual indiscretions. It took guts to hold back, though the facts are the facts: Hillary Clinton was complicit in covering up her husband’s many scandals and in minimizing — and shaming — the many, many victims of his marital cheating.

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Next debate, Mr. Trump, cut through Hillary Clinton’s polished, robotic speech — dredge up the lies, the emails, the pay-to-play nature of the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton is no feminist. She has received millions of dollars through her foundation to countries where women cannot drive, cannot go out without their heads uncovered, and must walk behind their husbands.

If these women dare step out of line, they are even killed — for “honor.”

The Clinton Foundation “has accepted tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria, and Brunei — all of which the State Department has faulted over their records on sex discrimination and other human rights issues,” The New York Times reported. Hammer her on this in the next debate, Mr. Trump. Reveal the base inconsistencies of her actions “on behalf of women.”

The Clinton Foundation has taken money from countries like Algeria that have harsh anti-LGBT policies. Call her on the carpet over this next time — she claims to be a great champion of this community. When it comes to money, morals take a backseat in the Clinton world.

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Bring forth the ugly reality of late-term abortion, which Clinton supports. Bring forth with vigor the ugly reality of sex-selection abortion — which Clinton supports.

The National Review called Clinton an “abortion extremist,” and noted, “Multiple times in the past months, she has admitted a child — ‘hours before birth’ — has no constitutional rights.”

This is how she works on behalf of children? Only convenient children, apparently. Bring this evil inconsistency home, Mr. Trump.

Hillary Clinton was complicit in covering up her husband’s scandals.

Clinton needs to account fully for Benghazi. “What difference does it make?” still rings in our ears — and in the ears of the families of the four murdered Americans. Make her accountable for these deaths, Mr. Trump.

Her open borders will endanger us. Make the point that our jobs and safety will vanish under a Clinton presidency.

There are two debates left. You are a change agent, Mr. Trump. You can win this — millions of us Average Joes are behind you, praying for victory for you.

Open Hillary Clinton’s closet and rattle those skeletons. Rattle them for all of those who have no voice.

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