Twice-Deported Father Charged with Murdering Daughter

Mother, child of illegal immigrant becomes latest victim of open borders

An undocumented, twice-deported Brazilian man has been charged with murdering his own daughter — a mother of a two year-old.

Walter DaSilva, of Danbury, Connecticut, was reportedly trying to get back in connection with his daughter, Sabrina, after being sentenced to more than eight years in prison for trying to kill his ex-wife with a knife in 2001.

“These folks have so many ways of getting here … it’s not just Mexicans trying to come through porous U.S. borders, people can fly in from around the world and commit fraud in order to stay.”

The U.S. Marshal’s Service in Bridgeport initially brought DaSilva into custody on Aug. 5. for violating his probation. When police questioned him on Sabrina’s death, he proudly admitted to killing his daughter.

“I did it, I killed her,” he told police, according to The Danbury News-Times.

According to court documents obtained by The News-Times Thursday, DaSilva traveled to New Bedford, Massachusetts, on July 3 and shot Sabrina nine times at close range using a 9mm silver-plated Beretta.

Though DaSilva was deported twice, he was able to fly under the radar of immigration officials by using aliases. Former Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) officer Michael Cutler believes there are millions of illegal immigrants using identity fraud to stay in the country or to return after deportation.

Sabrina DaSilva, murdered by her twice deported father Walter (Courtesy: WWLP).

“These folks have so many ways of getting here,” Cutler told LifeZette, saying “the whole emphasis on the Mexican border is foolish and dangerous” because it’s not just Mexicans trying to come through porous U.S. borders — people can fly in from around the world and commit fraud in order to stay.

“There are so many ways of coming here illegally or under the color of legal,” Cutler said.

Culter condemned the immigration policies of the Obama administration, noting that it’s released well over 100,000 illegal immigrants and “many of them have gone on to commit crimes.”

Cutler suggested that the number of illegal immigrants residing on U.S. soil is wildly underestimated by the administration. Though it’s hard to determine the exact amount, because “we don’t know what we don’t know,” the number the government is telling us, about 12 million, is “artificially low.”

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“There’s probably 30 million illegal aliens in the United States,” Culter said.

Culter, a registered Democrat who votes independent, noted that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wants to legalize everyone, but “there’s no resources” to vet people and “no investigation and no interview.”

Culter called for more “interior enforcement” on immigration.

“We’ve left ourselves vulnerable because once these folks come into the United States nothing happens to them,” Cutler said, adding that once they get past border patrol they’re “home free.”

“The whole system has to have integrity. It lacks integrity because our politicians lack integrity,” Culter said.

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