Trump Supporters Targeted

While media claims Trump all about hate, anti-Trump rhetoric is leading to actual anti-Trump violence

It is becoming increasingly clear that the hysterical fear-mongering surrounding Donald Trump is leaving real victims in its wake.

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The media spin innocuous statements from Trump about the Second Amendment into clear evidence the GOP nominee is inciting violence and issue hyperbolic warnings of a racist and proto-fascistic — if not downright evil — Trump.

Having convinced vast swathes of Americans that their country is systematically and inherently racist, they’ve now cast Trump as the big bad bigoted wolf.

It’s their over-the-top implications of a dangerous Trump providing impressionable minds an actual mandate for violence.

Police in Bloomfield, New Jersey, reported Tuesday that a 62-year old man was assaulted with a crowbar for wearing a Trump t-shirt last Wednesday, Aug. 3.

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According to police, the suspect was driving, noticed the victim’s shirt and pulled over to inquire about it. The suspect then followed the victim until he arrived at a restaurant parking lot, at which point he parked, retrieved a crowbar from his vehicle, and assaulted the defenseless man.

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The incident occurred the week following a shooting of a black Trump supporter at a bar in Cleveland. “He butted in the conversation,” victim Paul Jones said. “The conversation wasn’t directed at him or to him.” Nevertheless, it left Jones’ attacker so irate he retrieved a firearm from his vehicle and shot Jones in the thigh.

On Aug. 1, 75-year-old Thomas Shaw Jr. of Montgomery County, Alabama was stabbed to death in his office. Although police currently suspect robbery as a motive, Shaw was a well-known prominent and public supporter of Donald Trump. He even founded the “Stumping for Trump” bus tour.

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The nation has already witnessed the power of the Left’s apocalyptic anti-Trump rhetoric. In cities across the country, from San Diego to Chicago, Trump rallies were beset by extremely violent protests — protests at which many Trump supporters were assaulted. It appears this violence is no longer confined to such demonstrations, and has only intensified.

Much as the Left’s irresponsible anti-police rhetoric eventually resulted in shocking acts of violence against police officers, its irresponsible anti-Trump rhetoric is resulting in shocking acts of violence against Trump supporters.

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Indeed, the current racially charged atmosphere only highlights the irresponsibility of the Left and its media allies’ liberal use of extreme anti-Trump rhetoric. Liberals have done such a good job of convincing the black community it lives in a society equivalent to Apartheid-era South Africa that some of the most susceptible to the rhetoric have started to act like some of the most radical groups from Apartheid-era South Africa — by committing terrorist attacks against authorities.

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Having convinced vast swathes of Americans that their country is systematically and inherently racist, they’ve now cast Trump as the big bad bigoted wolf who wishes to defend that imaginary racist version of America. Even the Clinton campaign has built its entire strategy around the message of “defeating Trump” — as if failing to do so will boil the seas, open the gates of Hell, and unleash the Four Klansmen of the Apocalypse upon America.

Ostensibly serious news outlets, journalists, and political pundits have compared Trump and his supporters to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis — the West’s real-life super villains, some on multiple occasions. A Google search of “donald trump hitler” was able to produce 13.8 million results. A search of “mitt romney hitler” returned only 537,000 results.

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Not only have liberals — and some vindictive Establishment Republicans — made comparisons of Trump and Hitler, but they have repeatedly made claims that Trump actively supports and endorses white supremacists. This is to say nothing of the never-ending claims that Trump is mentally unstable, temperamentally unfit for office, and would somehow destroy America, if not the world, regardless of his racism.

It hardly takes a giant leap of logic to think that such rhetoric might have something to do with acts of violence against Trump supporters.

Given how much the Left likes to caution conservatives about the danger of their so-called “bigoted” and “hateful” anti-immigrant and anti-gay rhetoric, one would think they might be more cautious with the use of incendiary political speech.

“I’m quite sure you have a lot of people having their own opinions,” said Paul Jones’ mother, Latosca. “But that doesn’t mean you should hurt somebody because you have your own opinion.”

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