Trump Challenges Hillary’s Health

GOP nominee offers to release 'detailed' medical records if Clinton follows suit

Donald Trump issued a direct challenge to Hillary Clinton Sunday evening when he proposed that they both release detailed medical records. The challenge puts Clinton, who has brushed off questions about her fitness to serve as president, on the spot to come clean with the American people.

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Both presidential nominees have faced some questions concerning their physical health, but Trump, in particular, has made a point of hounding Clinton to provide documentation of her medical history.

“I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary and myself, should release detailed medical records. I have no problem in doing so! Hillary?”

“I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary and myself, should release detailed medical records,” Trump tweeted on Sunday. “I have no problem in doing so! Hillary?”

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During the course of the 2016 election, Clinton has suffered severe coughing fits caught on camera and been photographed with aides hoisting her up a flight of stairs by her arms. There are also lingering concerns about the aftereffects of a brain injury that resulted from a fall in 2012.

But rather than press Clinton on her fitness to endure the rigors of the presidency, the media and political pundits have decided to pounce on Trump and explore questions concerning his own physical fitness. NBC News recently reported on the short length of time that Trump’s physician, Harold Bornstein, spent drafting a letter summarizing Trump’s medical situation.

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Campaign spokesman Glen Caplin tried to deflect the challenge from Trump.

Caplin said in a Clinton campaign statement Sunday that Clinton “is the only candidate in the race who has met the standard expected of presidential candidates and provided a detailed medical letter by her long time physician.”

Trump’s challenge to Clinton comes on the heels of a report alleging Google has been censoring search results for “Hillary Clinton’s health” while leaving uncensored search results for “Donald Trump’s health.”

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