In a Freudian slip, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee appeared to inadvertently admit Thursday that Democratic policies are inherently harmful to white Americans.

While speaking to a group of black Baptists in New Orleans, Tim Kaine seemed to suggest that in order to achieve “equity” between the races, white people need to willingly submit themselves to a state of repression similar to what black Americans have experienced.

White children in some of the nation’s most elite schools are literally being taught to be ashamed of themselves because of the color of their skin.

“I’ve never been treated badly in life because of my skin color or my gender,” Kaine said. “I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority — Caucasians. We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority.”

Sen. Kaine is certainly in the right party, as turning white Americans into a minority — and a minority against which other races are able to direct hate with impunity — is the inevitable result of the policies promoted by the Democratic Party and the Left at large.

Indeed, despite what Democrats tell the public, progressive policies do very little to raise black people up from poverty and a lot to bring all Americans down to a level of government dependency and economic immobility.

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The ever-increasing rate at which good-paying, blue-collar jobs are being offshored by bad trade deals — something to which the modern Democratic Party appears committed fully — will continue to have a devastating effect on working-class white communities. The disproportionately negative effect globalization has had on blue-collar whites was a large factor in GOP nominee Donald Trump’s success in the GOP primaries.

Moreover, this destruction of the middle American economy is having very real, very negative effects on white Americans. “Something startling is happening to middle-aged white Americans,” The New York Times reported in 2015. “Unlike every other age group, unlike every other racial and ethnic group, unlike their counterparts in other rich countries, death rates in this group have been rising, not falling.”

Some of the Democratic Party’s favorite progressive policies — like affirmative action — are directly and openly discriminatory against white Americans. Moreover, the Supreme Court’s decision this summer in Fisher v. University of Texas gave legal sanction to this obvious form of anti-white discrimination.

Then there’s the Democratic Party’s stringent support for open borders and mass non-white migration, which is quite literally turning white Americans into a minority in the country their own ancestors built. White Americans are already a minority among school-aged children, and will be a nationwide minority by 2050, according to predictions by the Census Bureau.

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Democrats and liberals charge that any and all opposition to these obvious assaults on the well-being of millions of Americans is rooted in inherent white racism and the desire to protect “white privilege,” but this argument is emblematic of a subtle racism against white people. Indeed, every other ethnic group in America is positively encouraged by the Democratic Party to engage outright in racial groupthink.

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Multiple Latino advocacy organizations have the word “raza” — race — in their title, while black activists routinely talk about protecting the “black community” and frequently engage in outright discrimination against white people. Meanwhile, white children in some of the nation’s most elite schools are literally being taught to be ashamed of themselves because of the color of their skin.

As the 2016 DNC proved, this toxic form of identity politics is wholly supported by the Democratic Party — as long as it is practiced by non-white people and directed against white people. According to Kaine, Hillary Clinton has no plans to stop the Democratic Party’s endorsement of this political and social poison.

“Hillary and I both kind of challenge our Caucasian leaders and Caucasian communities to do that. She’s made it clear that taking on these inequities is one of the most important tasks of being our next president,” Kaine said.