Obamacare Prices Surge Across U.S.

Enrollees in four states set for massive health care cost hikes next year

Adding to the list of reasons why Americans are frustrated with Obamacare, new price information released for the next year reveals that prices will spike by double digits in multiple states across the nation.

One in four health care consumers in Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, and Georgia will experience large cost increases.

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Georgia enrollees will experience the largest hike. Humana, which covers 27 percent of individual market shoppers in the state, is set to increase costs by 67 percent on average next year.

In Tennessee, Blue Cross Blue Shield is planning to raise costs by an average 62 percent, impacting 83 percent of people on Obamacare in the state.

The Health Care Services Corp. in Illinois, under the Blue Cross Blue Shield umbrella, covers a whopping 82 percent share of individual market enrollees in the state. Those enrolled in plans under Health Care Services Corp. are in for increases averaging 51 percent.

In Kentucky, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem covers 78 percent of Obamacare enrollees. Those consumers will see their prices increase by 23 percent.

More health care companies are expected to announce approved rate hikes in additional states in coming weeks as the fourth enrollment season, which begins Nov. 1, approaches.

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