Judge Andrew Napolitano on Monday condemned the Obama administration for its “lawless” stockpiling of personal information on gun owners.

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office exposed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for failing to remove certain identifiable information on at least two of ATF’s data systems, violating the “appropriations act restriction prohibiting consolidation or centralization of FFL [federal firearms licensee] records.”

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Napolitano said the findings are “reprehensible.”

“It violates federal law, it violates a Supreme Court opinion, it violates our natural right to self-defense — which is protected by the Second Amendment,” he said on “Fox and Friends.”

Napolitano believes the violation in protocol is consistent with the administration’s longstanding history of ramping up gun control measures and could set a dangerous precedent for future administration officials.

“We have a president who doesn’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms. He might be succeeded by another president who doesn’t believe in the right to keep and bare arms, who has a small army, the ATF, who knows where every gun is, and who owns the guns and could harass or confiscate,” Napolitano said, emphasizing that Congress legislated to stop that practice.

“This lawless administration has broken that law and retained that information,” he said.

Napolitano noted that the government is only supposed to gather data on people for statistical purposes and delete any identifiable information.

“Congress decided that since the states regulate guns — not the federal government — the federal government would never be able to keep a list of every gun owner and every gun owned by that person,” Judge Napolitano said, adding, “but they are.”

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Napolitano noted there are “very few networks concerned” about the violation.

“I dare say no body else is talking about this,” Napolitano said. “Members of Congress should be up in arms, they wrote the law that the president and his people are defying.”