Why Hasn’t Hillary Fired Huma?

If Trump is responsible for all his supporters, Clinton should answer for her shady staff and backers

Some KKK idiot thinks Donald Trump is the best of the two 2016 election choices, and that’s disqualifying. At least, according to a new Hillary for America ad that attempts (and fails) to connect Trump to the KKK. The ad is sick, desperate, and calls to mind President Obama’s 2008 assertion that “if you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters. If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.”

Where’s the Trump ad featuring the mustachioed, Taliban-supporting father of the Orlando terrorist sitting behind Clinton at a rally? Where’s the ad with Seddique Mateen holding up his giant yellow banner that declares Hillary “Good for National Security”?

Judging a presidential candidate by their worst follower is like judging an entire city by its worst resident. It’s like saying, “I won’t visit Charlotte, North Carolina because Ryan Lochte lives there.”

It just broke in recent days that a Clinton Foundation donor has ties to the terrorist organization Hezbollah — hopefully the good people at the Trump campaign or the Republican National Committee can get that detail into an ad.

But for Clinton to imply that random people supporting Trump are somehow a reflection of Trump holds little water.

There are only two legit options for president while there are several million voting-age Americans. Crazy people get to vote too! Unsavories are going to support and cast votes for everyone running. There will be unsavories for Trump, for Johnson, for Stein, and maybe even for that bald guy with less than 50k Twitter followers.

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So what? Judging a presidential candidate by their worst follower is like judging an entire city by its worst resident. It’s like saying, “I won’t visit Charlotte, North Carolina because Ryan Lochte lives there. The whole state must be all about swimming, lying, and bathroom trashing — and I want no part of that.” It’s like tossing out a whole bag of jellybeans because there’s a licorice-flavored one.

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If supportive words spoken by an affiliate of the KKK is damning, then we should stop dismissing Hillary’s Klan ties. If you want to see Hillary Clinton kissy-face with a former KKK “Exalted Cyclops,” just google “Hillary Clinton Robert Byrd” and a picture will pop right up with her “friend and mentor” former Senator Robert Byrd, who helped filibuster the Civil Rights Act.

Honestly, who crazy people support for president doesn’t concern me.

What does concern me is who the candidates employ, and who they refuse to fire. Huma Abedin was assistant editor of an anti-Semitic, ant-feminist, Islamic journal that blamed the U.S. for 9/11.

“The spiral of violence having continued unabated worldwide, and widely seen to be allowed to continue, was building up intense anger and hostility within the pressure cooker that was kept on a vigorous flame while the lid was weighted down with various kinds of injustices and sanctions,” the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs reported. “This was further intensified by the demographic and socio-economic pressures that came with their own set of factors promoting social and political instability and, at the individual level, anger, frustration and a sense of deprivation.”

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Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media? If there’s going to be a Trump-is-anti-Semitic media freakout for three days because a star on a poster resembled the Star of David, where’s the thousand-times-more-furious freakout about Huma Abedin being editor of a journal which said Jews are “adept at working the American political system” and are helped out by “the American memory of the Holocaust”?

If she was working for Donald Trump, it would be pink-slip city for her. But she works for Hillary Clinton, and if Clinton wins the election, this woman will likely become White House chief of staff. Frankly, she shouldn’t be allowed to set foot inside the White House — much less work there. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said, “My understanding is that her name was simply listed on the masthead in that period. She did not play a role in editing at the publication.”

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I have so many questions now:

  1. Why are you taking credit for work you didn’t do?
  2. Why are you being given credit for work you didn’t do?
  3. Why would you allow your name to be anywhere near anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-feminist sentiments?
  4. If you had been doing the work, would the journal have said, Jews are great, America is awesome, and freedom for women?

How is she not fired? It’s like being unquestionably pro-American isn’t even a must-have qualification anymore.

It’s clear there are two different standards, and it’s clear the distance between them can only be measured in parsecs.

Donald Trump sometimes says silly things. Hillary Clinton sometimes conspires to thwart the Freedom of Information Act.

Donald Trump hasn’t released his tax returns. Hillary Clinton used “BleachBit” to make sure we could never, ever read the tens of thousands of emails she deleted from her tenure as secretary of state.

Donald Trump gets endorsed by someone who rejects basic American values. Hillary Clinton employs someone who spent years editing a journal that rejects basic American values.

R.I.P. perspective.

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