Expert: No Question Iran Payment Will Fund Terror

National security analyst says Obama admin cash payment to Iran immoral, possibly illegal

National security expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War,” blasted the Obama administration’s massive transfer of cash to the Iranian government, saying the transaction could actually have violated the law.

The administration claims $400 million sent to Iran in an unmarked cargo plane was a resolution to an interstate arms deal between the Shah’s regime and the U.S. from nearly 40 years ago — but Gorka says the payment amounts to directly funding terror.


“How is that unmarked plane with a pallet load of $400 million not material support to terrorism?” Gorka asked Friday on the “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Gorka noted, by comparison, that a D.C. police officer was charged with “material support to terrorism” for trying to give $200 to ISIS.

The State Department has a list of foreign terrorist organizations and decrees which nations are state sponsors of terrorism. Iran, according to Gorka, is the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the list — but the administration decided to proceed with the massive cash transfer anyway.

Gorka tried to put the situation in perspective, comparing the situation to Germany’s Weimar Republic in the 1920s.

“Say the Weimar Republic had sent America $20 million to buy artillery pieces and we never sold them the artillery pieces. Hitler takes over in ’33 — then he invades Poland in ’39. If Hitler asks for the $20 million back, is it okay for America to give the Third Reich their money back?”

“Iran is the same as Hitler’s Third Reich. This is either illegal or totally reprehensibly immoral — or both,” Gorka said.

Gorka pointed to the longstanding history of muddied water between the two nations as a cause for concern. After the “Iranian revolution the relations between America and Iran soured” and “a lot of deals were put on ice,” Gorka explained.

Now the administration’s excuse is “‘we’re buddies with Iran now, we just closed this $150 billion nuclear deal so we can get back to proper relations and we’re going to unfreeze their assets and we’re going to return them this money that we’ve been sitting on for 36 years,'” Gorka said.

“That’s their excuse.”

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