Amid the excitement and success of the Republican National Convention this week in Cleveland, an intriguing idea has emerged — that another political dynasty may be forming in America.

The Trump dynasty.

“Maybe when the kids get out of school, I would consider it,” Donald Jr. said of running for public office.

Instead of a Texas ranch or Hyannis compound, the backdrop for this dynasty is the New York City skyline.

Led by a successful patriarch who has now answered the call to public service, Donald J. Trump has focused on developing qualities in his children which — should they ever choose to do so — would enable them to do the same.

Donald Jr.
As a young man, Donald Jr., now 38, avoided public attention. He did so, he told The New York Times in 2006, because “otherwise, I’m just Donald Trump’s son, some little rich kid running around.”

Things have changed — Donald Jr. gave a rousing speech at the GOP convention Tuesday night, and on Wednesday expressed interest in a potential run for office. “Maybe when the kids get out of school, I would consider it,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

He said he’d “love to be able to do it, as a patriot,” according to U.S. and News Report.

A father of five children, Donald Jr. also said he has “a lot to do in my own career,” according to The Hill. He currently works for The Trump Organization and is president of the Trump Winery in Virginia.

Rep. Chris Collins said he saw Donald Jr.’s political potential after they both appeared at a recent National Rifle Association event, according to The Hill. “You know, I think you could be a solid candidate against Sen. [Charles] Schumer someday,” Collins jokingly told Trump Jr.

Ralph Mohr, a New York delegate from Buffalo, likes the idea of Trump Jr. launching a bid for elective office. “We can use Republican representatives out of Manhattan in New York. He would be a good candidate, I believe,” Mohr told The Hill.

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Ivanka, 34, has been described as Donald Trump’s “secret weapon.” In her strong speech Thursday night introducing her father before his acceptance of the GOP nomination, she spoke up for women — and told America how women are treated when they work for the Trump Organization.

“When a woman becomes a mother she is supported, not shut out,” she told the cheering crowd.

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After working as a model in her early years, she is now an executive vice president of development and acquisitions at The Trump Organization, and also launched her own lifestyle brand.

Ivanka Trump is at the forefront of the strategy of positioning her father as the “ultimate outsider,” according to accounts.

When asked in 2015 about a run for political office, she said, “It’s not something I’ve ever been inclined to do, but I’m 34, so who knows? At this point, I would never even contemplate it, but that doesn’t mean that when I’m 50 I won’t have a change of heart,” she told Town and Country magazine.

“She was the most charming, gracious, intelligent, beautiful, polite young lady I had just about ever met. When we left, I said to my wife, ‘Well, I’m probably going to have to reassess my opinion of Donald Trump,'” Ralph Reed, a Republican operative and leader of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, told The Associated Press.

Eric Trump delivered a convention speech Wednesday night that had the delegates on their feet and cheering. Hours earlier, he had cast the votes on behalf of the New York delegation to make his father’s nomination for president official.

“Eric Trump said in his convention speech, ‘To those whom much is given, much is expected,’ which is from the Bible, Luke 12:48: ‘For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,'” said a Boston father of three. “I was very impressed with that. He has his father’s commitment to get things done, and that’s what it takes in politics if you’re the real deal.”

At just 23, Eric launched a charitable organization that helps children who are battling life-threatening conditions. The New York Observer named him one of the “top 20 philanthropists under 40” in 2015 (the New York Observer is owned by Eric’s brother-in-law, Jared Kushner).

Instead of a Hyannis compound or a Texas ranch, the backdrop for this dynasty is a New York City skyline.

Serious and steady, Eric delivered a speech that reflected a thoughtful nature. “Vote for the one candidate who does not need this job,” he told the RNC crowd.

Trump’s second daughter, Tiffany, is just 22, has just graduated from college, and has been in the background during the campaign — until convention time.

“I never expected to be here, addressing the nation,” she said during her prime-time convention speech. “I’ve given a few speeches in classrooms, but never in an arena with 11 million people watching.”

As a 23-year-old daycare assistant told LifeZette, “I can’t believe she was so composed. My generation generally doesn’t speak well — we tweet well,” she said, laughing. “I could see her developing into a real asset for a Trump presidency on the issues of millennials — if not a politician herself, when she is older.”

Donald Trump praised both Tiffany’s and Donald Jr’s “fantastic” convention speeches, tweeting that he was “very proud” of them.

Ten-year-old Barron, the son of Donald Trump and Melania Trump, is not old enough to consider politics, of course — but he seems to be a chip off the old block.

“He is a very strong-minded, very special, smart boy. He is independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants. Sometimes I call him little Donald,” Melania Trump told “He is a mixture of us in looks, but his personality is why I call him little Donald.”

Barron loves to draw and, like his father — to “build something and tear it down and build something else,” Melania said.