Ryan Gives Grieving Mothers the Cold Shoulder

Speaker avoids chance to speak with parents of children killed by illegal immigrants

A small group of bereaved mothers went all the way to Speaker Paul Ryan’s doorstep over the weekend to demand answers — but were given only a cold shoulder.

The so-called “angel mothers,” those who lost children at the hands of illegal immigrants, declared House Speaker Paul Ryan to be “disqualified” from serving in public office as they stood outside his Janesville, Wisconsin, home on Saturday.

“It was disturbing to see Paul Ryan flee these four grieving mothers. He’s been ignoring them for years.”

The four mothers held a press conference outside Ryan’s mansion alongside businessman Paul Nehlen, a challenger for Ryan’s Wisconsin seat in Congress this year. Holding pictures of their murdered children, the women shared the stories of their personal losses as they demanded answers from Ryan regarding his history of supporting an open borders policy.

But Ryan ignored the mothers as he stepped into his SUV and drove away from the scene.

“It was disturbing to see Paul Ryan flee these four grieving mothers,” Nehlen told LifeZette in a statement Monday. “He’s been ignoring them for years. He avoids their calls for border security and instead gives his full attention to the open borders agenda of his wealthy donors. We will not let one more innocent American die so Paul Ryan can satisfy his open borders donors.”

Maria Espinoza, the co-founder and national Director of The Remembrance Project — a nonprofit corporation that advocates for families whose loved ones were murdered or killed by illegal immigrants — attended the event alongside the mothers.

“And it would have been nice if [Ryan] had just come out and introduced himself, listened to them, these grieving mothers — just listen to them for a moment about how the system, how our government has failed them,” Espinoza said. “In each of their cases, he and the government and the way they legislate failed them. And he chose to run away. He thinks by ignoring them they’ll just go away.”

“He has everything to make sure that his three children are safe. I deserve the same thing, I deserved the same thing, and so do all of you,” Julie Golvach, one of the mothers, said during the event, according to a press release from Nehlen’s campaign.

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The mothers say that they had written a letter that they hoped to give to Ryan, but that Ryan’s security personnel refused to deliver it. They also wanted to leave photos of their murdered children on the public sidewalk in front of Ryan’s home. But as they left the scene, the mothers reported that they saw the security force remove the photos.

In their letter, the mothers charged Ryan with enabling “through silence, indifference, complicity, or deceit” the “implementation of President Obama’s immigration agenda” in such a way that he is “personally responsible for the deaths, maimings, and sexual assaults of thousands of innocent Americans and lawful residents.”

“If Ryan’s considerable powers had been marshaled, in any serious degree, towards advocating for our families, demanding change for our families, or insisting upon justice for our families, then so many more families just like us would have been saved,” the letter read. “For all of these reasons and more, we deem Ryan disqualified from serving in Congress or any other position of public office that is supposed to represent the American people.”

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Nehlen added that the American people have made it “overwhelmingly clear” that they want to see current immigration laws enforced and upheld.

“The list of actions Paul Ryan should have taken, but did not take, could fill a book. As can the list of acts Paul Ryan has taken against the American people on this issue,” Nehlen said in a statement to LifeZette. “Paul Ryan should have funded the border wall promised to the American people. He should have shut down sanctuary cities instead of funding them. He should have defunded Obama’s executive amnesty but instead fully funded it without a fight. He should have stood with the American people, but he instead stood with Louis Gutierrez when it came to his pushing of Obama’s radical open borders agenda. ”

And until Ryan and the rest of Congress take heed of these Americans’ concerns, the voices of these grieving mothers will not remain silent.

“I mean, all of these are preventable crimes,” Espinoza said. “We have enough crime already. Why don’t we focus on the ones that can be prevented simply by upholding current laws?”

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