Nicholas Kristof probably didn’t have Bill Maher in mind when he wrote The New York Times op-ed, “A Confession of Liberal Intolerance.” Still, he nodded at Maher’s attitude with, “We progressives believe in diversity, and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays, and Muslims at the table — er, so long as they aren’t conservatives.”

Few things illustrate Kristof’s point clearer than Maher’s baseless and disgusting attack on Laura Ingraham during his HBO show, “Real Time” last week. Showing a backdrop of Ingraham’s so-called Republican National Convention Nazi stance, Maher spouted, “Stop saying Laura Ingraham gave the convention a Nazi salute. She was just showing how Roger Ailes used to push her head down.”

He does nothing to help Democrats, he does nothing to help women.

That same night he attacked Ivanka Trump. “You know, Marilyn Munster,” said Maher. “The one they let open the door so strangers don’t see all the monsters at once. Ivanka said her father has always been there for her — although sometimes she wishes he would sleep in his own bed.”

Maher’s RNC “jokes” (actual jokes are somewhat funny) are but the latest in his very long, disturbing string of lewd, misogynistic potshots at conservative women. And it’s hard to say which is worse — Maher’s unfair, filthy remarks or the unfair double standard that allows the Left to smile gleefully and watch him make them.

God forbid a conservative should criticize a progressive woman, however.

In 2012, for example, after unmarried feminist attorney Sandra Fluke demanded that birth control be covered by health insurance, Rush Limbaugh, sadly, called her a “slut.” Though he apologized, the Left skewered him like shish kabob. (It’s more precise to call Fluke a leech, but that’s another story.)

Bill Maher, around the same time frame, called Sarah Palin a “c**t,” a “dumb t**t” and a “MILF.” Was Maher called out by the same media that eviscerated Limbaugh for a much less filthy comment? Did Maher apologize? Was there outrage?

Of course not.

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President Obama even contacted Fluke to see how she fared after Limbaugh’s “attack.” But did he call Sarah Palin after Maher verbally assaulted her? No. Because Palin is a conservative woman and is, somehow, “fair game” for the Left.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

Ingraham and Palin are not Maher’s only victims. Other conservative women he has viciously insulted include Michelle Malkin, Megyn Kelly, Michelle Fields, Michelle Bachmannn, and virtually every female conservative in the public eye.

Even Maher’s “Real Time” panelists take potshots. Guest Marc Maron once said viciously of Michelle Bachmann’s husband, “I hope Marcus Bachmannn takes all that rage that comes from repression and brings it into the bedroom with her, and I hope he [bleeps] her angrily.” Maher, naturally, laughed uproariously.

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Since Maher is incapable of attacking these women’s airtight conservative arguments, he lowers himself to what he is good at: ad hominems. In other words, the lowest and least intellectual form of discourse: name-calling. Attacking the women personally, rather than their political agendas, is “funnier” than actually thinking through the solid logic they stand for. Occasionally Maher even goes for a woman’s family, despicably calling Palin “leader of a strange family of inbred weirdos.”

Does anyone hear conservative talk show hosts making such comments about the Left’s women? No. If they did, there would be demands for their resignations. Just ask Rush.

Maybe Fox’s former contributor Andrea Tantaros said it best when she told Sean Hannity, “I think Bill Maher reveals the ugliest side of the Far Left. He does nothing to help Democrats, he does nothing to help women … He’s just trying to be relevant because he’s that angry, insecure guy desperate for attention.”

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The real war on women is not waged by conservatives, and it’s not what liberals claim it to be at all. The real war comes in personal attacks and lies hurled against strong women who intimidate small men like Maher. So Bill, what are you compensating for? Focus on ideas and logic, not women’s personalities and how you twist them. Are you afraid that if you fairly considered these women’s ideas and competence you would discover your own ignorance?

Though you once called Palin and Bachmann “boobs,” we suggest you take a closer look at yourself.