China’s Free Ride Under Obama

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn sounds the alarm on new deal with Russia

The threat posed to the United States by China, enabled by the Obama administration, will grow exponentially once the Communist nation finalizes a new economic and military deal with Russia, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said Wednesday.

Flynn indicated the new cooperation between Russia and China was a direct result of weak leadership from President Obama.

“[China] continues to take from us and then they laugh at it as they walk to the bank”

“When you see something like this beginning to happen, it means that they feel that they have a wedge into our leadership, our global leadership,” Flynn said on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “And they’re going to take advantage of it.”

Flynn noted the blossoming friendship between the two U.S. adversaries “is very real and we need to pay attention to it.”

LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said that there’s been such a “unitary focus” on the “War on Terror” in the Middle East that members of the administration have taken their eye off “a real problem” in Asia.

“China has continued to build its military arsenal, steal sensitive military technology and know-how from us, build out their space weaponry capability, continue to make in-roads in places like Africa, even Central America, South America, and the way they’re doing their investments,” Ingraham said. “[China is] aggressive at every turn against our allies in the area.”


Flynn said 40 percent of China’s energy needs comes out of the Persian Gulf — and “China has not had to put one navel aircraft carrier” into that region because the U.S. has guaranteed China’s energy security for “almost half a century for nothing.”

“[China] continues to take from us and then they laugh at it as they walk to the bank,” Flynn said.

Turning to which of the two candidates for president would be better equipped to handle escalating threats from rival nations, Flynn pointed to Donald Trump. The retired general said Trump “has a vision for America” and the skill set to combat threats to the country.

“[Trump is] a big problem solver. A guy who looks at the world totally differently,” Flynn said. He added that he is “honest about his strengths and weakness.”

Flynn said Hillary Clinton, by comparison, would only further put America “at grave national security risk” — just as she did with her mishandling of classified information on an unauthorized email account.

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“[Hillary is] an embarrassment to this country as a person who abuses our national security system, lies to the American public,” Flynn said, adding that America’s greatest enemies “are listening to everything that she says, every email that she types.”

Flynn, an expert on gathering sensitive information for national security purposes, said Clinton should never be allowed to touch classified information again and asked her to “step down months ago because of her lack of accountability.”

“If she’s that stupid, then what business does she have running for president?” Flynn said.

Flynn has served as an adviser to Trump on national security issues throughout the election and has been floated as a possible running mate for the presumptive Republican nominee.