Europe’s endemic problem of “homegrown” Islamic terrorism undermines completely the claims of the multiculturalists who insist that the recently-arrived mass of Muslim migrants can be successfully integrated into Western society.

While politically-correct pundits insist that the veritable army of Muslim males which descended upon Europe in the last year can be absorbed peacefully, the legion of European-born Muslims who flocked to join ISIS suggests otherwise.

“Homegrown” terrorists have been involved in most of the major Islamic attacks in Europe.

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At least 800 British Muslims have gone to the Middle East to join ISIS, according to British authorities. In October, 2015, independent researcher Pieter Van Ostaeyen calculated that over 500 Belgian Muslims had fought in Iraq or Syria. Nearly 1,800 French Muslims joined the Islamic State, according the the Institute for Economics and Peace’ 2015 “Global Terrorism Index.”

But Europe’s militant Muslims problem goes far beyond the few thousand who joined ISIS. In September, 2015 it was reported that British authorities were monitoring more than 3,000 British-born Muslim extremists.

A 2014 ICM Research poll found that 16 percent of French Muslims had a “favorable view” of ISIS — among those aged 18-24, 27 percent thought well of the terrorist group.

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Following the Charlie Hedbo attack, the BBC found that 27 percent of British Muslims openly support violence against cartoonists, while another eight percent refused to comment. A 2016 ICM poll found that two thirds of British Muslims wouldn’t report a terror plot to authorities.

Given the numerous polls that detail the significant extent to which second and third generation Muslims in Europe apparently despise the Western nations in which they live, it is hardly surprising that “homegrown” terrorists have been involved in most of the major Islamic attacks in Europe.

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All four of the terrorists who bombed London on July 7, 2005 were British-born. Seven of the nine terrorists who carried out the 2015 Paris attacks were European nationals — French and Belgian — as is Salah Abdeslam, suspected of links to both the Paris attack and the Brussels bombing.

Omar Mateen, the radical Muslim who killed 49 people in a nightclub in Orlando, was born and bred in the U.S.A.

Yet the cheerleaders of multiculturalism would have us ignore the inherent cultural incompatibility of the Muslim “refugees” streaming into the West — it will all be okay, they insist. The fact that significant numbers of second and third generation Muslims support militant Islam exposes the fallibility of the Left’s multicultural promise.

Unwilling to ascribe this problem to an inherent cultural incompatibility, the mainstream media blames Europe’s “homegrown” terror problem on “alienation” — as if the West just hasn’t done a good enough job of making Muslims feel welcome.

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The truth is that many Muslims are alienated because Western culture is entirely alien to those operating in an Islamist or Sharia mindset, and because of multiculturalism — the belief that fundamentally different, if not opposing, cultures can coexist peacefully within one society — the West has made no real effort to assimilate Muslims into its own culture.

The bitter fruits of multiculturalism have become shockingly clear in Europe, yet American politicians like President Obama and Hillary Clinton are calling eagerly for the U.S. to take in more Muslim migrants.

Unless they desire to see more attacks like Orlando — or San Bernardino, or Paris, or London, or Brussels, or Nice — they would do well to rethink their enthusiasm.