Dems Embrace Separate but Equal

No English, no problem: Rejecting assimilation is key plank of 2016 Democratic Party platform

In an effort to court Hispanic votes and placate the most radical pro-immigration groups, the Democratic Party has abandoned any and all pretense of believing in cultural assimilation.

While the 2012 Democratic Party platform declared that illegal aliens should “get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to citizenship,” the draft version of the 2016 platform contains no language at all regarding an English-language requirement for granting citizenship.

In rejecting English, the Democrats are rejecting the need for cultural assimilation itself.

Language is arguably the most potent and effective tool for achieving cultural assimilation. And in rejecting English as a necessary precondition for entrance into American society, the Democrats are rejecting the need for cultural assimilation itself.

Indeed, the new document does not even it acknowledge that illegal aliens have in any way broken the law to begin with, referring to illegal alien families as “law-abiding families who are here.” But if these families were actually law-abiding they would not be here in the first place, a fact either lost on — or ignored by — the DNC.

The document even brags about the party’s desire stop enforcing current immigration law. “We will end raids and roundups of children and families, which unnecessarily sow fear in immigrant communities,” it says. Apparently illegal aliens’ piece of mind is more important than the rule of law and Americans’ safety.

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Finally, in its most shameless appeal to the radical Hispanic groups, the 2016 Democratic platform proclaims that “Democrats will not stand for the divisive and derogatory language of Donald Trump. His offensive comments about immigrants and other communities have no place in our society.”

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Unfortunately for the Democrats’ narrative, Trump’s “divisive and derogatory language” and “offensive comments” pale into comparison to what was official U.S. immigration policy until 1965, and the unofficial but openly hostile “welcome” most immigrants received from the native population.

Despite the pervasive presence of the Democrats’ favorite catchphrase in public discourse — “America is a nation of immigrants” — America is in reality no such thing.

America is predominantly a nation of settlers — white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant settlers — and its success lay not in its blind acceptance of immigrants from different lands with different cultures, but in its ability to take immigrants from different lands with different cultures and make them adopt white, Anglo-Protestant American culture.

A common culture is the glue that holds a society together — indeed, it is the most important precondition necessary for social cohesion — and America’s true remarkable achievement was its ability to impose its own common culture on newly arrived immigrants within a generation or two.

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It’s no coincidence that Italian-Americans don’t pronounce the vowels at the end of Italian words, or that thousands of immigrants changed (or were forced to change) their surnames upon arrival at Ellis Island.

Until very recently in American history, Anglicization was accepted as a necessary precondition of successful immigration. And just because liberals wish otherwise doesn’t mean the same isn’t true today.

The inherent hostility and skepticism of the American public toward immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries is partly what drove those immigrants’ desire to be part of the American community. In the 21st century, however, thanks to the divisive identity politics which the Democratic Party has just enshrined in its platform, immigrants merely wish to grab a piece of the American pie with no reciprocal loyalty to the American public or polity.

The Democrats’ refusal to support assimilation is just another slimy tentacle of the identity politics leviathan the party has become. The truth is that immigration without assimilation is effectively colonization.

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